Enterprise View Point

by-Shelton Shugar, - CIO, Barclaycard
with over 20+ million lines of codes and over 30,000 people in the community, OpenStack has easily gained... more>>
by-V C Gopalratnam, - CIO, Cisco
The digital economy is the new productivity platform that some experts regard as the third industrial... more>>
Getting fast ROI with your Big Data Projects
The world today is heavily networked and social, we as a society are living out our digital lives generating amounts of data never seen before. Enterprise CIO's and... more>>
Managing in(and under) a Cloud
How do you manage a cloud? That may sound like a Zen Koan along the lines of “what is the sound of one hand clapping?”, but it is actually a highly relevant... more>>
Security Consideration in the Cloud
The IT landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years. Businesses of all sizes are exploring new models for technology, led by cloud computing and mobile solutions. ... more>>
Software Defined Networks-A New Spine for IT
Trends in Software - Defined Networking Today, we are seeing Software Defined Networking and Software Defined Data Centers appearing everywhere. This market worth 960 million dollars in 2015 is projected to reach 8 billion in... more>>
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