Enterprise View Point

by-Ram Kalyan Medury, - CIO, Magma Fincorp
The technology landscape has changed in the recent years and now is driven by customer adoption and... more>>
by-Anindo Ganguly, -AVP and Head, IT Infrastructure Practice, Sasken Communication Technologies
A few things that the smart CIO needs to look at to improve operational efficiency in managed services.... more>>
The future is Smarter and All Programmable
Imagine you are driving along a poorly lit road on a rainy night. A pedestrian suddenly makes her way into your driving path. Wouldn't you want some extra help alerting you... more>>
SaaS and the Cloud world
While majority of the CIO’s have chosen the SaaS model for their email hosting, they continue to struggle with business applications and Database, as there’s no... more>>
Why hybrid-cloud for SMEs is an advantage?
codemantra is a leading publishing technology enabled solution provider. We deliver end-to-end technology enabled services to meet the requirements for publishing... more>>
Transitioning to a Cloud World
CEC Entertainment, known for the iconic Chuck E Cheese’s restaurant and family entertainment chain, is nearly completed with a transition away from legacy, mainframe-based business solutions and processes to a more nimble,... more>>
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