Enterprise View Point

by-Cheryl Cheng, -General Partner, BlueRun Ventures
The dawn of the digital era with the commencement of unprecedented tech­nologies has resulted in a... more>>
by-Shubhendu Dutta,- Director- IT, MTS Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd
As the pace of digitization has increased, the organisations are inundated with data that is proving to be... more>>
Three Pillars of Organizational Technology
Uncertain economic conditions around the world have forced many organizations to continue focusing on lowering costs and increasing productivity. And technology is one of the... more>>
3Ms of ESN some Mystery, some Masala and lots of Magic
With the rise of hyper connected workforces and new workplace technologies, global organizations try to embrace a new way of working for nurturing employee engagement.... more>>
NoSQL Technologies in the Realm of Big Data
  Big Data, Petabytes, Exabytes, IoT, NoSQL, Hadoop, Mongodb; one could go on and one. It is as if a new term is spawned and added every day to tech jargon. So before we... more>>
Strategy & Execution for Healthcare Analytics Companies through Delivery
The current BI & Analytics CoE delivery models prevalent amongst analytics vendors & IT players are either product based “uni” solutions, or dedicated CoE comprising of “monochromatic” FTE based,... more>>
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