Enterprise View Point

by-Jeff Jacobs, -CIO/Global IT, OCLC
I’ve held technology leadership positions at a variety of Fortune 100 companies—in financial... more>>
by- Sudhir Vallamkondu, -CTO, Jump Ramp
At the last AWS reIenvent conference I heard a quote that right now, AWS looks like a “benevolent... more>>
Empowering Insurance Using Cloud
Technology has driven a paradigm shift in busi­ness operations today. In addition to catering to customer demands, companies seek to of­fer them an outstanding... more>>
Reimagining How Technology Can Fuel Growth
The rapidly evolving world of information technology has transformed the familiar call for "Faster, Better, Cheaper!" into a business expectation. So is it any... more>>
Media Trends - A Cloud High Entertainment Experience
Advancement in Technology and consumer behavior is leading transformations in every industry today, and Media Industry is no different. From Terrestrial and Satellite... more>>
Leveraging Cloud for Enhanced Productivity
How has your IT operating model in Cloud changed dur­ing the last five years? Cloud computing has unburdened businesses from the traditional IT business model. The traditional IT oper­ating model was straightforward.... more>>
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