Enterprise View Point

by-Joseph Kiran Kumar, -Head- IT, , Eisai Pharmaceuticals India
We have come a long way in the industrial revolu­tion from steam engine, the conveyor belt, and the... more>>
by-Alan Perkins, - Chief Technology Officer, Rackspace
The IT sector is undergoing change, a positive one in the form of Cloud, looking for maximum performance... more>>
Internet of Things: The Rise of Connected Businesses and Connected Lives
Your boss is running late for work, and your meeting has been postponed by an hour. Your calendar informs your alarm clock to give you an extra hour of sleep. Meanwhile, your... more>>
Big Data - Are You Just Weathering the Storm or Getting Ahead?
Weather is the original Big Data pioneer, with its vast and complex data points, measurements, and variables from around the world. "Establish a clear strategic data... more>>
Open Source Technology: Big Factor for Small and Medium Businesses
Modest, small and near-ignored beginnings, challenges won over to reach the stars – nearly every start-up goes through such a life cycle; be it the ones that go on to... more>>
Data becoming a Priority over Voice in Telecommunications
India, in the last five years, has emerged as a place of unparalleled socio-economic importance and has evolved into a major trade hub today, not just within but also internationally. The nation witnessed small and medium-sized... more>>
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