Enterprise View Point

by-Parveen Aery,-SVP & CIO, Ocwen Financial Solutions Pvt. Ltd
While the U.S Mortgage servicing industry has experienced some high-visibility IT troubles in recent years,... more>>
by-Arun Rangamani, -SVP- Analytics & Technology, SCIO Health Analytics
Case in Point - Challenges in Disease Management & Population Health Healthcare across developed... more>>
Start Ups in BI Space
Need to accelerate and improve decision making at top & middle management, get actionable insights, or to gain competitive advantages, solutions seems to be fit into some... more>>
Analytics to become the Key Differentiator for Modern Apps
In today’s demanding economic environment, companies that can develop and deploy analyt­ics quickly have a significant competitive edge. They can use analytics to... more>>
Big Data to Enable Artificial Intelligence and Drive Digital Transformation
Big data is everywhere, and it continues to grow as we speak. However, we has reached a stage wherein handling big data – storing, processing, and analyzing – is no... more>>
Emerging Multi channel Customer Experiences in Grocery Retail
In the good old days, the retail experience was purely brick & mortar. The shopping experience was uni-channel and there were no other touch points with a retailer except visiting the retail store. However, in the last few... more>>
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