Enterprise View Point

by-Ivan Imana, -CIO, Adelman Travel
Addressing a Diverse Audience through Technology Solutions The biggest technology challenge in our... more>>
by-Pramod Kulkarni, -VP IT, The Ambassador Group of Hotels
CIO’s critical role is to choose right technology, at right price at right situation to ensure ROI to... more>>
IoT - Internet of Things Much more than interconnected devices
We have all been given to think that IoT or Internet of Things is all about ma­chines or devices which are communicating with each other over Internet.... more>>
IoT - Initiating the Next Industrial Revolution
IoT is fast emerging as the latest buzzword in Industry. The prospect of connecting billions of devices promises to transform human and busi­ness behavior and will have... more>>
Will Todays Transformational CIOs Become Future CEOs?
In this age of digital transformation, every company should consider themselves a technology company if they’re committed to long-term success. As technology pushes... more>>
Industrial IoT is Different
Déjà vu all over again We’ve seen it all before, right? Back in the early 2000s, LG introduced the Internet Digital DIOS - the world’s first internet refrigerator. Checking news and your daily calendar... more>>
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