Enterprise View Point

by-Shubhendu Dutta,- Director- IT, MTS Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd
As the pace of digitization has increased, the organisations are inundated with data that is proving to be... more>>
by- Jayantha Prabhu, -CTO, Essar group
Trust that’s what Digitization can do to an Enterprise!! Most of the manufacturing companies make... more>>
3Ms of ESN some Mystery, some Masala and lots of Magic
With the rise of hyper connected workforces and new workplace technologies, global organizations try to embrace a new way of working for nurturing employee engagement.... more>>
NoSQL Technologies in the Realm of Big Data
  Big Data, Petabytes, Exabytes, IoT, NoSQL, Hadoop, Mongodb; one could go on and one. It is as if a new term is spawned and added every day to tech jargon. So before we... more>>
Strategy & Execution for Healthcare Analytics Companies through Delivery
The current BI & Analytics CoE delivery models prevalent amongst analytics vendors & IT players are either product based “uni” solutions, or dedicated CoE... more>>
Analytics to become the Key Differentiator for Modern Apps
In today’s demanding economic environment, companies that can develop and deploy analytics quickly have a significant competitive edge. They can use analytics to detect patterns and changes in markets, learn customer... more>>
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