Enterprise View Point

by-Pritam Kanti Paul, -Co-founder & CTO, BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions
Big data is everywhere, and it continues to grow as we speak. However, we has reached a stage wherein... more>>
by-Kunal Mehta, -Head- IT, Trent Hypermarket Ltd, A TATA and TESCO Enterprise
In the good old days, the retail experience was purely brick & mortar. The shopping experience was... more>>
Securing your Cloud Infrastructure - A Journey not a Destination
So you have finally decided to utilize the cloud for solving your business/customer problems. While the journey has begun, the NEXT big question is - “How to align the... more>>
7 Thoughts on Preparedness for a Slow
Guys, the outlook is dull, right? The market is bearish, the growth is just OK and consumption is just minimal. The overall recessionary trend is prevailing and it seems would... more>>
Delivering Services through Reduced Labor And Technology Automation
Addressing a Diverse Audience through Technology Solutions The biggest technology challenge in our industry is ensuring that the solutions presented are accepted by the... more>>
How to Set Up Guest Internet Access for Guest Satisfaction
CIO’s critical role is to choose right technology, at right price at right situation to ensure ROI to the Organization with long term Growth aspect in strategic investment. Keeping an eye on bottom-line with futuristic view... more>>
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