Enterprise View Point

by-Bhargav Thakkar,-Director , Magneto IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Restaurant is the booming industry in the today’s world. An industry that is full of culture and... more>>
by-Darshan Appayanna, - CIO, Happiest Minds Technology
According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India, the internet usage on mobiles is pegged to reach... more>>
Why hybrid-cloud for SMEs is an advantage?
codemantra is a leading publishing technology enabled solution provider. We deliver end-to-end technology enabled services to meet the requirements for publishing... more>>
Transitioning to a Cloud World
CEC Entertainment, known for the iconic Chuck E Cheese’s restaurant and family entertainment chain, is nearly completed with a transition away from legacy, mainframe-based... more>>
Practicing what we preach: Using cloud-based services to deliver cloud-based services
I’ve held technology leadership positions at a variety of Fortune 100 companies—in financial services, medical and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and nonprofit... more>>
Design Considerations to Mitigate Cloud Vendor Lock-in
At the last AWS reIenvent conference I heard a quote that right now, AWS looks like a “benevolent dictator” driving the public cloud market agenda but people are worried that there’s a fine line between a... more>>
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