Enterprise View Point

by-Uttam Kumar,-Head - IT Innovations & New Technology, Aircel
One of the most fascinating trends today is the emergence of the low-cost microcontrollers that are... more>>
by-Krishnakumar Madhavan, -Head IT,, KLA-Tencor India
Managed Services are skilled outsourcing functions that transfer, in-house functionalities to be... more>>
Changes in Technology are Crucial for an Organization
Being a part of the industry for several years, I have observed many changes, especially coming to the emergence of new technologies, such as cloud. The present scenario has... more>>
The Shifting Role of IT
IT’s new role, at Merchants Fleet Management, is to provide enabling technology that fuels the growth of the company. Partnering with all areas of the business,... more>>
Sandbox Gateway Appliances - Advanced Breed of Security Solutions
Over the past few years, spear phishing attacks via highly targeted messages have been the primary vector of successful data breaches. More than 90% of successful attacks on... more>>
Time to Stay Ahead of the Risk
Let me narrate a story of how our life has become nowadays. One fine Monday morning, when the organisation is about to start the day, an alert message on the database from a ransom-ware demand­ing money to decrypt, sits on one... more>>
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