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Benefits Of Cloud In Healthcare

by By Arvind Kumar, Founder, Attune Technologies July-2015

Attune Technologies, a Chennai based start up is one of the pioneers in cloud based technology. They provide a complete state of the art, secure & web-based solution for hospitals that integrates all the departments and branches that are geographically separated.

Cloud technology has emerged as one of the most beneficial technologies of today’s era. The technology helps service providers benefit from economies of scale which proves beneficial for the end user in terms of cost and infrastructure. Cloud technology basically helps to share infrastructure and services in a more secured way and allows application software to be operated using internet-enabled devices. Clouds can be classified as public, private, and hybrid.

Attune was the first company in India to realize the power of cloud in healthcare and launched its cloud based Health Kernel in 2009. To ensure optimal use of cloud technology the application was designed using a multi-tenant architecture. To explain how cloud technology helps our customers we can take the top two use cases.

  1. Multi-Center/Multi-Geography Healthcare Chain – Cloud enables the maintenance and updation of a common Database on a real time basis for such customers. Thus a patient registered and treated at a center say in Delhi today can walk in the same day at any center of the hospital or laboratory say in Mumbai without having to carry any physical records with him. All records are available in the application at all locations which can be accessed using the unique patient ID assigned to each new patient at the time of first walkin.
  2. Remote access – Cloud technology helps healthcare professionals to access patient reports and records remotely using their secure and unique application access portal. This comes in extremely handy in cases of emergency when the doctor or the pathologist might not be available in the hospital or the laboratory.

One of the very powerful revenue model that is Software as a Service has also emerged due to cloud technology only. Otherwise in today’s era when customers are present all parts of the world it is very difficult to keep track and control customer experience, ease of payments and service levels. We suggest our customers to go for our monthly rental (SAAS) model as it takes away infrastructure investment and lump sum payment burden of the customer. This model has been very successful for us in the market.  

Being on cloud also enables us to use the enormous amount of data generated in the healthcare sector and derive meaningful results and trends out of it in real time. We have close to a million patient records and without cloud the infrastructure requirement and maintenance cost would have allowed us to price our services better for our customers. We use this data for analytics and Internet of Things (IOT) applications. The data can be used to predict disease spread and the platform has the capability of sharing the insights with national healthcare authorities for timely action.