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Digital Avatars In Online Trading Technologies

by Nitin Jain, - CEO & MD, Religare Securities Limited August-2018

The future of Industry is all about keeping pace with technology and preparing the organization to extend investment support for the affluent class with service to traditional investment model. Considering the population to be supported, traditional investment support model would not be a feasible option. Moreover the affluent class also looks forward for technology support in decision making, nearly in every aspect of life. This makes Digital Stock Avatars or so called Artificial Intelligence platforms, extending investment support and execution, a reality.

Exchanges globally are opening up to meet the expectations of the new age community with advancement towards Digital Avatars with Tech. giants like Google partnering with Charles Schwab to shape the future of Stock trading.

In India, extending Algorithmic trading is still restricted to a few which is deterrent to the growth of the Investor community. With Algorithmic Trading being an initial step towards AI, the Indian market is still away from the Global advancement in the Industry and will take time to catch-up but will surely be there through a different route if not as a direct investor. One would still see personalized portfolio management services with the use of such tools being adopted.

With higher incidents of breach reported due to internal risks, it is important to focus on all round security i.e. System, Physical and People risk. The new security threats which need additional attention are around the use of Smart phones through BYOD (Bring your Own Device) or COPE (Company Owned and Personally Enabled), use of Cloud Services and third party service providers apart from the rise of Social Media being used for service and discussions.

Mobile First world is a reality. With close to 20 percent of business happening through mobiles, it is an area to watch out for. Having a good Mobile Platform will be the key. Robo Advisory models are on the rise. It works seamlessly and once you enrol for the service, you enter your risk profile and, using advanced algorithms; the platform offers alternative personalized investment portfolios for you to choose from and continues to rebalance your portfolio as required. We expect a lot of interest coming in these kinds of models but currently the segment is niche. Use of Cloud services would also be trending for strengthening the offering with lower investments. Adoption of cloud services with improved monitoring and security controls are to be watched out for as they would typically be the key areas of consideration before moving on with these services. Social media being used for advisory services is another area which would see more integration around existing solutions and would have Social Media firewalls coming up in future for managing the corporate communications and customer service.