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Implementing Solutions To Improve Customer Base

by Larry Steinberg, CTO & SVP - Technology, Agilysys June-2016

Mobility is the most significant trend that the industry is witnessing currently. It will remain a powerful technology trend and an essential driver of IT change in the impending years. Additionally, mobility technology comprises of cloud service. Big Data in analytics is another significant trend, which will play an equally vital role in customer base. Moreover, wearable payouts are similarly valuable for businesses.

"In order to achieve improvements in every organization, it is important to drive innovations for customers"

In order to achieve improvements in every organization, it is important to drive innovations for customers. In the area of customer service, implementing this function at the core remains the focus.

Technology Shaping the Industry

We focus on hospitality and do not operate much into healthcare sector. From the hospitality perspective, apart from the technology trends that I mentioned earlier, another significant aspect, which we operate for our customers, is to assist them in becoming more efficient and competent.

Technology plays an important role in every organization. From our customers’ perspective, technology assists in delivering superior customer service skills. Secondly, it can drive improved processes over the companies that we serve. Another noteworthy aspect is technology could also be employed to build more domains.

Preparing For Roadblocks

As a CTO, my role has evolved in terms of developing platforms in order to maintain better customer service. This feature enabled us to become experts in this area. Therefore, we really strive to comprehend our customers' needs. We keep discovering new methods of solving problems in order to aggregate potential customers and in turn employ solutions with huge impacts in the industry. Technology is changing rapidly; therefore, we should be in the right directions to cope up with the mounting challenges. Thus, there is mounting challenges, with increasing competition.