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Leaner And Nimbler With ERP

by Shaifubahrim Saleh, President & CEO, PIKOM October-2017

Walking through the corridors of any enterprises adopting new, disruptive technologies or transformative system solutions and chances are that you are bound to hear the quiet murmurs from workers on how unnerving some of the experiences can be as the status quo is dismantled and everything that is familiar is purged in place of a new regime. It can be a bitter pill to swallow at first, but the eventual benefit is exponential. As many enterprise system solutions provider strive to position and differentiate themselves from their peers and while there are a handful of genuine stars, IT systems implementation is also largely a business process change management exercise that requires tremendous project management capabilities and an innate interest and knowledge of the respective industry.

Any ERP Solution providers with experience in building ERP solutions, warrant the necessity to be beacons within the specific domains and a heighten awareness of the unique challenges besieging enterprises within their respective ecosystems. It is not uncommon to hear of plans taking a wasteful U-turn due to the failure of some vendors to grasp the finer nuances that exists between industries, even individual client needs. Over the past decades the environment have changed markedly and this poses new obstacles for businesses including bulging operational expenditure, softer demands and the rising tide of competition, not to mention for many, staving off foreign players (solution providers). However, this also presents tremendous opportunities where the right system solutions can help accelerate growth, bolster fledgling businesses and even launch new business models.

A fluid and ever changing customer behavior compels enterprises to think about how they can react faster, with a more efficient go-to-market model. Business processes starting from sales order to the last-mile including deeply entrenched practices would need to be reassessed and re-engineered to wean out wastage. Being constantly at the forefront of any new technology and then the willingness to swiftly embrace it and put the investment dollars where it matters most, is certainly a prerequisite that all enterprises should not do without. It is this vital ingredient that is needed to survive in today’s business landscape where only the leanest and nimblest can thrive. ERP solution provider’s business transformative services assist enterprises to this end by driving and steering these technology decisions, and deriving a cohesive strategy which harmonizes prevailing internal issues, business requirements and advanced technical platforms.

One example of a successful proven solution provider based in Malaysia, Dignersys Group, founded in 1991 has a talented and astute team comprising expert consultants, system designers and technical support specialists. Together, the team has aided the transformation of over 500 enterprises across Asia and Europe. The focus on best project management practices and a customer-centric approach coupled with proven, in-depth knowledge of industry standards and experience has propelled it to one of the top ERP solutions provider for medium and large businesses in the country. Riding on its brand platform, EnterpriseBuilder, Dignersys Group also delivers the latest solutions through Business Process Management, Advanced Planning & Scheduling, Manufacturing Execution System, Customer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management, Mobile Commerce, e-Commerce Marketplace, Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, e-Tools for Electronic Data Interchange and e-Warehouse.

To build a successful business model and to stay competitive, Dignersys Group has a wide network of partners across the region to wholly serve the needs of its clients from various industries including trade, retail, chemical, logistics, distribution and manufacturing. Businesses running on EnterpriseBuilder has seen enhanced data, process, performance and delivery visibility, traceability, consistency and predictability. While ERP continues to be a major thrust, it is also prudent to cater to new demands in the office automation system, ISO compliance and event-trigger management spheres under the Business Process Management category. Increasingly, enterprises are also pursuing solutions to reach their mobile customers and leverage on employee mobility. In addition, the B2C mobile strategy covers marketing campaigns to sales transactions and customer service to assist in instigating brand awareness, develops customer behavior intelligence, augment service levels and widening new customer reach. While the B2E component creates more efficient processes, greater flexibility and creativity in working practices, while scaling up employee productivity and engagement.

Dignersys Group continues to be inspired by new technology disruptions as well as being cognizant of current business priorities to address the most convoluted issues facing clients today in the ultimate pursuit of progressing it’s ERP implementation further. The latest re-lease, the next-gen EnterpriseBuilder ERP 4+ is powered by Internet Plus and the requirements of Industry 4.0, a Cloud-based offering that is packaged as IAAS, SAAS, buy-off or rental on-premises models and features innovative IoT and Integration Adapters Ecosystem that is set to take ERP to the next level.

While we know user demand and requirements will only grow, deciding on the right technology and processes will be crucial to implement any ERP automation, couple with robust Financial Systems and an effective e-commerce or e-marketplace strategy. Lastly to ensure the organization’s capability and capacity are optimal, Human and Talent Resource planning will be the final formula for success.