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Metrics To Measure The Success Of Influencer Marketing

by Sahil Chopra, - CEO and Founder, iCubesWire May-2018

Influencer marketing has driven a lot of attention of marketers and advertisers. It’s new and completely non-intrusive as it’s all about influencing instead of tempting or forcing. An influencer marketing campaign encompasses finding and sealing the deal with an influencer, developing content for the brand and finally making it viral.

After everything is done, it’s time to reap the benefits and measure the ROI. But, make it a point that the outcome fetches benefits in long-term as well. So, the metrics to measure the success of influencer marketing campaign cannot simply be the reach of the content. It should be measured from different angles and in different aspects. Let’s have a look…

Assessing Indicators of Success of Influencer Marketing

The long-term benefits of the budding promotional strategy cannot be measured in numbers but there are three indicators to assess the success of the campaign.

1.      Engagement

Engagement of the content is measured in the terms of attention derived which can be both online and offline. It influences the audience when they consider the content and brand, talk about it and share on social media channels with their friends. Engagement also means the conversions taking place but before that they share it and discuss it with their friends making the efforts meaningful.

2.      Traffic

Any digital marketing campaign is executed to bring traffic to the website and generate conversions through banner ads, emails, and search ads etc. Similarly, advertisers should immediately start measuring the spike in traffic on the website after successfully getting the content published by the influencer.

Count the number on new visitors but it doesn’t mean that they should be brought from the same content. Once they are influenced they can reach the store through any means by searching it in a search engine or any other medium.

3.      Brand Mentions

Google’s first preference is user experience and for that, it keeps changing its algorithms to show the desired results for any keyword. There was a time when the preference was given only to the websites with the maximum number of links. But, now brand mentions without links are also considered and are known as ‘implied link’.

When the influencer has spurred your brand name, the audience will start talking about it and mention the brand name at different channels over the internet. This way brand mentions will also help you to rank to website higher in SERPs.

Quantifiable Metrics of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing also enables advertisers to evaluate the immediate success of the campaign through some quantifiable metrics like clicks, sentiment, share of voice, and conversions etc. as soon as the campaign is made live audience will start sharing it on different social media channels and the number of shares is the success of the campaign.

Aesthetics of the Influencer Marketing Campaign

Aesthetics of the campaign is the quality of the content which is the key component. The content should go well with the lives of the audience. It should not be too promotional since the audience has learned to reject the promotional content. It should be well spun and engrossing touching the sentiments of the people.

Eventually Making Influencer Marketing Campaign Successful

The key ingredients to make the influencer marketing campaign successful are right & relevant influencer, quality content, flawless optimization, and a good reach. However, an influencer with high reach is not always perfect rather an influencer with high influence in the particular niche should be preferred. For the successful execution of influencer marketing, CPA Ad Network in India can be the right destination.

Closely monitor the metrics to calculate the true ROI and enjoy the long-term benefits as well along with the immediate rise in the numbers of conversions. Influencer Marketing is the perfect promotional strategy for start-ups as it helps them to generate brand awareness while taking the venture on the track of success.