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Q3 Technologies: Cutting-edge IT Solutions For Business Growth

by Anuj Mathur, CEO, Q3 Technologies, Inc. February-2016

As enterprises around the world struggle with their digital transformation efforts, CIOs are under pressure to respond to the mammoth technology shift within their own organization with the advent of new age technologies. "One of the latest buzzwords circulating the IT industry is Bimodal IT-an organizational model that segments services into two categories based on application requirements - maturity and criticality," says Anuj Mathur, CEO of Q3 Technologies. "Bimodal consists of two modes, one of which is the traditional method that stresses on efficiency, safety, and accuracy. The other mode is non-sequential, emphasizing on agility and speed."

Q3 assists in easing a CIO's agony through technology consulting and outsourced software application development services. The company offers IT and related services to its clients including Technology Consulting, Product Development, and Applications Development for Enterprises on multiple platforms.

Paraphrasing Mathur, CIOs today are facing varied challenges as they rationalize their legacy applications and develop new applications. This probes issues related to integration. "The problem that comes along with new integrations with the back-end is legacy platforms. We are helping CIOs through our technology consulting services which are broadly structured around our business analysis and addressing this kind of scenario."

The company's Technology Consulting services furnishes a business with careful guidance managed by a team of expert software architects at all levels of a client's business structure.

"Q3 recognizes that creating and maintaining IT in itself is not a firm's primary goal. These are technology arrangements to enhance a client's operational proficiency and reduce costs, all the while delivering high performance," asserts Mathur.

Q3's Product Engineering services align to the specific needs of various ISV's products, understanding their target market and feature set, resulting in products developed in time, and within budget. This is accomplished through experience, stringent investigation of the product/framework necessities, and design consulting. The Q3 team also performs various manual and automated testing.

Enterprise Application Development: "Firms are struggling to compete, innovate, perform, and grow. The present state of economy also presents challenges for new business application development and integration with other applications, while maintaining business continuity," adds Mathur. "We come in and facilitate the process, juggling between legacy systems and new software by providing the best of solutions." The company promotes Agile development and Iterative development as options for delivering quick results.

The company's enterprise mobile solutions service offers business assistance by creating custom applications for any mobile platform, with applications for leading companies throughout the world addressing retail, manufacturing, travel and transportation needs. The new mobile plus cloud paradigm presents organizations an opportunity to move to a new form of computing, permitting individuals to dependably be productive and proficient, due to its always-available nature. Their IT base moves to a new stature with mobile devices being available, and permits employees to perform their regular tasks regardless of the possibility that they might not be able to access their workstation or physical workplace.

An example describing their expertise is that of a global retail customer who was looking to develop a mobile application that automates their field sales force. As the client had several outlets across the country, Q3 provided an application that unified thousands of sales associates. Right from marking attendance, to sales data collection and order booking, everything was moved to this platform and integrated with a back-end ERP system allowing bi-directional data flow.

In the time to come, Mathur will work on innovating unique solutions and platforms, and helping customers in the IT landscape. "We are constantly evolving and innovating our best in-class engineering solutions to provide clients with benefits and ease," concludes Mathur.