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Every business relies on customer referrals and word of mouth as their primary tool to expansion, regardless of the stage that a business may be. But as a business grows and the client base expands, the deep connections that get a business started are hard to maintain. When we have outgrown the ability to keep up personally with every customer; that is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation can save our business. CRM allows business owner to deal with operational challenges such as sales management, client management, target management of the companies and many more. CRM solutions take over the manual procedure of maintaining relationships, contact and business related information and makes it automated. It centralizes all the data - big and small - about every customer in one destination. With all the data organized and placed in a proper system, organizations can make customers feel just as connected as those first clients did, without burdening themselves with all the personal information of their clients.

According to Gartner’s recent prediction, CRM market will be worth $3.46 billion worldwide by 2017. CRM market also leads all enterprise software categories in projected growth, showing a 15.1 percent CAGR from 2012 to 2017. Given this scenario, a lot of CRM vendors have turned up to offer CRM implementations. While a major number of companies are keen to invest in CRM implementations, most of them are unable to find the right CRM vendor for them. Addressing these crucial needs of companies, CIOs and IT leaders of the industry, ERP Insights brings to you the list of '20 Most Promising CRM Solutions Providers'  who have been successfully helping their clients by offering solutions and services to address the industry challenges.



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Adaptive IT
Vikas Sharma,
A provider of CRM solutions, Opensource civiCRM Solution, ERP solutions, e-commerce solutions, Cloud based CRM solutions,
ERP for pharma, college and schools, Open Source Development and others
AIS Technolabs

Hermit Chawla,
Managing Director

A provider of CRM software development and
CRM Integration service

Avinashi Group of Companies
Ashvin Savani,
A provider of MeraCRM, Business Intelligence,
Data Visualization, Cloud Consulting
B24 e Solutions

Sudipta Abhra Saha,

A provider of CRM solutions, Business Software & SaaS, e-commerce solutions, Custom CMS solutions, RIA Application Development, Custom iPhone Development solutions and others
Bsquare Solutions
New Delhi
PKD Nambiar,
A provider of ERP Software, CRM Software, Salesforce Automation, Inventory Management and e-commerce solutions
Chloros Technologies
Syed Athaulla,
Founder & CEO
A provider of Customized ERP solutions, Customized CRM solutions, CallCenter CRM solutions
Govind V Rajulu,
President & CEO
A provider of Salesforce CRM, SAP Business Consulting services, Project Management services, Business Intelligence, SAP Support and Maintenance services, Official Gold Partner of SalesForce India
CRMIT Solutions
Vinod Reddy,
Founder & CEO
A provider of Cloud CRM, Oracle CRM On Demand, Fusion CRM,
Social CRM, Mobile CRM, Analytics
Udit Handa,
A provider of Cloud based CRM solutions
Deetya Soft
Parshan Vashisht,
CEO & Founder
A provider of Lead Management CRM, CRM Project Management, CRM Lead Management, Lead Management Software, Lead Management services
Amaresh Godbole,
Managing Director
A provider of Web, Internet, Design, Advertising, Communication, CRM, RIA, Marketing, Branding, SEO, Social Media, Viral, IT, Architecture, CMS, Consultancy, Technology, Strategy, Planning, Integration, and e-commerce amongst others
FSL Software Technologies
Sharad Jain,
Managing Director
A provider of SalesMantra, an on demand CRM solution
GAPS Technologies
Suhel Faridi,
Co - Founder & CEO
A provider of ERP Development, CRM for Media and Broadcasting, Website Development, CRM for BPO, CRM Development, CRM for Call centers, ERP Development, Infrastructure Management services
Global Vision Technology
Amit Lakhwani,
Director & Co-Founder
A provider of CRM, ERP, Mobile Applications(IOS , Android , Windows), CMS solutions
In4velocity Systems
Rahul Chawla,
Managing Director & CEO
A provider of  ERP, CRM software for Real Estate
and Infrastructure industry
Navrita Software
Lokanathan Kutuva,
Founder & CEO
A provider of Kreato CRM, a Cloud based CRM
software for SMEs
POSibolt Solutions
Sherif Kottappurath,
A provider of ERP Business Management software, CRM software, Point Of Sale (POS) software, BIlling software
T3 Softwares
Rajesh Pillai,
A provider of T3 CRM, CRM For Hospitality Industry,
Financial CRM Intermediaries & Service Provider, HRMS
Transworld Technologies
Vikram Puri,
A provider of Cloud CRM and visibility solutions offering Embedded Software, Big Data, Video Analytics, GPS Fleet Management, Cloud CRM ERP & Document, Sales Force Tracking, Supply Chain Visibility and others
WebXion Technologies
Gurucharan Singh Dhunna,
Founder & CEO
A provider of Cloud based online CRM service, CRM consulting, CRM integration, CRM training and CRM support