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Bionworks: Extending Healthcare through Mobility

Author : ERP Insights Team
Monday, December 4, 2017

ERP Insights Team

Mobility in healthcare domain is remarked as one of the next biggest transformation that is bound to change the healthcare domain. With the growing adoption of smartphones amongst the healthcare practitioners as well as patients, mHealth is evolving as the best means to influence healthcare operations. Although mobility in healthcare domain is still in infancy, the outlook on this emerging sector is very positive. According to a report titled 'Touching Lives through Mobile Health: Assessment of the Global Market Opportunity', conducted by PwC for the GSMA, mobile technology will play a significant role in the provision of healthcare services globally. The report also predicts that the growth of the mHealth market will lead to a revenue opportunity worth Rs. 3000 crores (US $ 0.6 billion) for India and US $23 billion for the world by 2017. The growth in the mobile healthcare domain has very well motivated opportunists to cash on this rising sector. Bangalore headquartered, Bionworks is one such firm, whose founders acknowledged the significance of mobility in healthcare domain and hence developed a complete mobility suite for healthcare providers that would improve clinical teamwork, expand boundaries of care and drive better patient outcomes.

Integrating Technology with Healthcare

Celebrated for its uniqueness, Bionworks is setting a niche in its domain by offering its suite of Healthplug mobile apps which include Healthplug MD and Healthplug PX. Healthplug MD is an essential catalyst for clinical productivity. A mobile first EMR, a multi-disciplinary task manager and a secure team messaging app rolled into one, Healthplug MD is one of the most comprehensive productivity tools available for care providers in the industry today. The solution seamlessly integrates with the existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) and brings dexterity and efficiency to your enterprise while helping you stay compliant with quality standards and regulations. Some of the unique features of Healthplug MD include Mobile EMR, Team messaging, Order entry, Clinical documentation, Incident management and Incident management. Bionworks' another flagship product Healthplug PX is another customizable mobile platform built to deliver connected patient experiences. "Healthplug PX is a highly customizable, white labeled, multi-lingual patient engagement mobile app that enables providers to deliver connected experience before, during and after the patient's visit to the hospital. It helps in extending your reach beyond the boundaries of hospital, engaging the patients and delivering great healthcare experiences. Some of the features incorporated in this platform are Pre-admission, Online appointments, Personal health records, Post discharge care, Telemedicine, Immunization records, and Patient self services," adds Chandrashekhar BC, Director & CEO, Bionworks.

The mobile apps are driven their proprietary workflow platform 'Healthplug Enterprise'. Healthplug enterprise is a one of its kind API platform that enables healthcare providers create their own business workflows with data capture forms, monitor and improve organizational performance real time. From Delivering Healthcare to Delivering Excellence Bionworks continuously strives to address the healthcare issues by optimizing the operations and enabling technology innovation. Despite being a startup in the healthcare IT domain, Bionworks' propensity for innovation as well as the combined experience of its versatile team has enabled the firm to gain an edge over its competitors.

Bionworks plans to leverage the expertise of its team to build innovation in tele health, artificial intelligence and bot-technology, to improve decision-making and user productivity in the organized sector. With an award winning implementation at Artemis Hospital and with big names such as Medanta and Al Khaleej hospitals amongst their clients, Bionworks hopes to grow into a niche leader in enterprise healthcare mobility in the upcoming future.