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Cozy Infosystems: Applying Progressive Software For Impressive Restaurant Management

Author : Deepshikha Singh
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Deepshikha Singh

Restaurants are busy places where people bring family, friends, and colleagues together for meals, cocktails and good times; and when the services at a restaurant are on point, it brings the patrons coming back for more. As a result, from waiters to the management, every single employee of a restaurant plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall guest experience. However, for an outsider, a restaurant industry may appear as simple as preparing dishes and serving it to the customers, but once you start digging in, the process appears to take complex twists. Be it a seven-star fine dining restaurant or a small scale food outlet, running a business successfully demands efficient order management, daily transaction management, food cost analysis, staff management, and keeping an eye on generating customer loyalty while maintaining the profits within the business. Clearly, it does not come as a surprise when we see restaurant managers and supervisors always on the run to maintain the business.
Propelled by an increasing economy, today, the restaurant industry is one of the most popular industries registering an increased growth year on year. National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) states that the Indian food services market is expected to grow to 4,98,130 crores by 2021.The same figure stood at INR 3,09,110 crores in 2013. With the number of restaurants and food outlets all set to grow big in the coming years, a fierce competition is on its way.Jayagopal Theranikal, an industry veteran with over 23 years' of total IT experience including 10 years' of management experience and 3 years' of project lead/team lead experience,perceived an opportune momentamid the budding industry. A business enthusiast by nature, Jayagopal materialized his dreams into reality by establishing Cozy Infosystems - a firm which was set up with an objective of providing impressive software solution for restaurant and retails businesses. A recognized name across the domain of IT enabled services; Cozy Infosystems is administered by IT industry veterans who have successfully implemented point of sale software and hardware since the establishment of the firm in USA in 2001. Steering its way into the Indian market, the firm started its operations at Hyderabad in 2007 under the name of Cozy Infosystems Private Limited.

Taking a Complete Control of Restaurant Operations

Experienced in the field of Information Technology and software development and services, Cozy Infosystems offers POS software under the brand name of 'CozyPOS'- a retail management software solution for restaurants and other retail shops. Designed to manage businesses, CozyPOS is ingrained with key products such as Touch Screen Billing where billing transactions are managed by easy user interface with different payment methods integrated in it; Inventory Tracking where inventories can be maintained in a systematic manner for effective utilization and cost management by using Cozy POS; Table Management where tables which are reserved, split and combined ones can be easily managed; Menu Management where different sections of menus with many items in the restaurant can be managed easily; Customer Management which maps invoices to customers, customer specific pricing/loyalty, text and email alerts on their purchases; Employee Management which allows employee sales and targets to be tracked along with employee attendance and leaves; Multiple Order Types where all the orders of the restaurant like Dine-In, Take Away, Home Delivery, and Catering can be managed easily; and Expense Tracking where expenses of all the outlets of a restaurant can be managed from a single location using a cloud management system. All the above mentioned modules are incorporated with additional benefits such as Easy to use interface, Touch Screen UI, Smart Sync Architecture, Easy to Integrate with external software, Ability to work without internet, Easy to support architecture, Quick support mechanism and Cloud Backup. The gamut of modules within Cozy ERP are built on an architecture that allows operating the software on a wide range of platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and more.
A web based portal, CozyERP is a comprehensive solution deemed fit former chants having singe outlet or multiple outlets to manage their operations from cloud portal for increased efficiency. For a merchant to decide on POS software there are two important decision-making points first, the ability to manage remotely through web or mobile; and second, to have very efficient and feature rich application for faster operations at the outlet. Most of the owners lean towards web based POS software for the first reason but they fail to satisfy the second reason, and due to limitations of performance and features the web based solution fails to satisfy the second point. At the same time the traditional offline solution will not given an option for the owner to manage remotely. CozyPOS has been architected to address both the points. It is an offline solution that allows the cashiers to use all features with high performance without compromising any of the traditional point of sale solutions. CozyPOS also has smart sync architecture that enables the owner to have full access to their business data through web or mobile. Owners can control the access rights, manage product, pricing, get reports and others without compromising on the features and performance at the outlet.