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Cynoteck: Add an Exceptional Value to your CRM journey

Author : Nandini Mukherjee
Sunday, April 3, 2016

Nandini Mukherjee

The emergence of customer relationship management (CRM) has transformed how organizations store, process, and manages customer information. From the first handshake to the last purchase order, businesses can now recall everything about their interactions with customers, stored into perpetuity. Moreover, these CRM solutions are designed in such a way that they also help other departments, like marketing, finance, operations, project management, and even executive teams to gain insight into customer behavior and do their jobs more effectively. To help them create long-term relationships with their customers, organizations, thus look for reliable solution providers who can deliver exceptional experiences based on knowledge and trust.

Ideally fitting into the picture is Dehradun based Cynoteck, a leading provider of cloud based CRM solutions. The company has a strong expertise in delivering solutions over prevalent Cloud based CRM platforms viz. and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have successfully delivered various solutions over past 5 years to various clients all over the world. We have active partnership with Salesforce, Microsoft, Accounting Seed (Salesforce based Accounting app) and Resco (MS Dynamics mobile toolkit). We have helped our customers to not only implement CRM within their organizations, but also to understand various facets of technology and build solutions which work in synergy," explains Udit Handa, CEO, Cynoteck.

Cynoteck primarily has its focus towards Small and Medium scale businesses, wherein there is lot of potential in terms of innovation, agility and adoption. SMBs understand that they are in tough market and technology can be their biggest advantage. With power of cloud computing, the technological advantage increases manifolds, he says. Ensuring high revenues and complete growth of an organization, the company proffers comprehensive services that include CRM Consultation Strategy Development, CRM Development Customization, Enterprise Integration,Data migration from external systems to CRM, Marketplace app development, amongst others.

The Silver Lining
Underlining the strategy that Cynoteck follows, Udit avers how the CRM and Software consultancy space in general is very competitive. Everyday we see industry redefining its rules and adding new dimensions. It is very important to not only cater to current client needs but also envision future market patterns, he says. Cynoteck has successfully been early adopters of these waves of changes. Be it sites or Salesforce1 platform or Lightning or MS CRM Social Listening or Gamification, the company has been able to adopt faster and help its customers actualize its business value.

In addition, to streamline customer interactions and build deeper relationships, the company keeps itself updated with latest technologies such as RESCO mobile toolkit, Boomi (cloud based integration tool), BIME (cloud based analytics), Salesforce Lightning and others.

The Journey so Far
The roller coaster ride of Cynoteck started in 2009 with one member team and one customer for Sales force. Today, the company has expanded to a 20 member Salesforce team with over 10 long term customers and multiple channel partners. We have several of our team members certified with appropriate certifications, which proves our market competency. Further, our team has a healthy mix of professionals with a varied experience level ranging from 1-12 years. This helps us provide high value solutions while keeping a favorable pricing structure, says Udit.

In the next two years, team Cynoteck has plans to look forward to sales penetration in the US and EU region, identify and realize non-organic growth avenues and tap sales opportunities in domestic market.