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FarvisionERP: Solve the Entire Real Estate Puzzle with FARVISION ERP

Author : Pankaj Kundwani
Monday, May 18, 2015

Pankaj Kundwani

The Indian real estate and construction being a highly capital intensive industry surely garners sweet fruits for industry stakeholders. But at the same time, it also presents plentiful risks of managing and optimizing the use of resources (men, material, money and machine), channelizing information and attaining cost efficiencies. Most ERP products available in the market today boast of strong technical expertise in manufacturing but lack the competence to address the needs of construction industry which is different in the way it functions. Gamut Infosystems Ltd., a 1990 founded company, sensed the game early in 2003 and came up with its flagship product FARVISION, a comprehensive ERP solution for the real estate and construction industry.

Built over the most reliable Web based Technology, FARVISION enables clients to look at functionalities across different business aspects. The all-inclusive solution has the caliber to undertake wide variety of operations associated to the real estate industry that include the functions for real estate builders, contractors, manufacturers, property managers, facility managers and even home owner associations managing their own societies. It offers a complete suite of functional modules such as Finance, Materials and Supply Chain including Vendor Management, Engineering including Drawing Management, CRM and Marketing, Land Bank, Legal, Liaison, Slum Rehabilitation, Redevelopment, HR & Payroll, Analytics using Dashboards and Business Intelligence. Additionally, it reduces the cost of ownership as clients can easily integrate with various office productivity solutions like MS Project and others which are in-built and do not need separate investments.

Data is in information islands before the clients implement Farvision. With this product they have an accurate store of decision making information that is essential to handle large businesses. FARVISON being an Integrated System is built keeping in view that people are able to utilize the product from places that are in functional silos.

This helps both real estate and infrastructure companies to achieve better management control and transparent & streamlined information flows for faster turnaround times. The solution also has a host of Portals like Employee, Customer and Supplier Portal and various tools like Email and SMS Integration, Document Management amongst others. The associated unique products like AutoCAD Integration (QTO ; Quantity Take off) and Integration with Revit for generation of BOQ Quantities, EPABX Integration for Call Centers, Weighbridge Integration for Supply Chain, Phone Apps for Sales Force Automation, Approval and others add up to the competence of the product.

Aligning With the Best Practices
Aligning to highest industry standards, Farvision ERP has been victorious in serving over 350 clients including renowned names like Gaursons, Mahagun, Raheja, Mayfair, Runwal, Wadhwa, Srijan, Mani, PS Group amongst many others in over 20 cities in India. The Kolkata based company has been conferred the "CREDAI Preferred ERP partner" by Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Associations of India, a prominent body for private Real Estate developers. The 25 year old company has also been recognized as NAREDCO (National Real Estate Development Council) Preferred ERP partner, Member of NASSCOM, and has won many other accolades and accreditations.

Being an ISO 9001 BEREAU VERITAS certified company; Farvision ERP has been steadfast in bringing innovation to its products working with knowledge partners in different fields. Some of the innovations by the company comprise of Project Management using mobile technologies, Cost Control using AutoCAD and Revit, Analytics using industry benchmarking tools and Financial Projections using various statistical growth models.

"Solutions to business issues have to be dealt in days and weeks and not in months and years. Most products available in the market today are either handling CRM or Accounts or specific areas. They are not comprehensive. We are usually called once the client has already tried one or more of these solutions and wishes to migrate to a more comprehensive solution of FARVISION's caliber. Our solution has never failed to impress and enable our clients," says Alok Agrawal, CEO, Gamut Infosystems.

The Vision Not Far
Having regional presence in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, Gamut has witnessed a steady growth of around 10 to 15 percent year on year despite of inconsistent growth in the real estate industry. The company is growing in several other geographies like UAE, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and envisions expanding in over 20 countries along with 50 cities in India in the next five years. With a product like FARVISION in hand, this VISION does not seem FAR.