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HackerRank: Learn, Discover, and Recruit Better with a Smarter Platform

Author : Nandini Mukherjee
Thursday, July 23, 2015

Nandini Mukherjee

For any programmer, dealing with programming challenges across all disciplines of computer science is a common task. But the challenge lies in creating something new, bringing interesting ideas to program. This requires a set of skills and more importantly evaluating and honing these skills on a constant basis. HackerRank, an organization with a focus on competitive programming challenges for both consumers and businesses offers a complete platform designed exclusively for the programmers to practice coding, and partake in coding contests to evaluate where they stand. The platform is built to be an ecosystem of programmers, helping them learn and solve programming challenges in a variety of programming languages.

The idea behind the concept of HackerRank, as Alfred Alexander, Marketing Lead, HackerRank explains, is to develop a community of programmers who are best skilled in any field of computer science. The platform which encourages schools, developers, and businesses to be a part of it, strives to empower programmers to compete in challenges and codesprints (Virtual Hackathons) and rank against their fellow competitors. It offers a great opportunity for programmers to submit solutions to programming challenges. The submission is scored based on many factors such as the ability to pass pre-defined test cases, complexity, and the execution time of their solution.

Other than this, many schools and universities have taken initiatives to introduce HackerRank clubs. "The Facebook community of IIIT Hyderabad HackerRank club has now over 3800 members and they compete in a lot of HackerRank's contests. We are seeing tremendous community growth." says Harishankaran K, Co-Founder, HackerRank. Using HackerRank, professors can also save time and manage hundreds of programming assessments and evaluate student performance in a measurable way.

Attracting the Best Minds
Finding a man of skills is more difficult than finding a man of certificates, thinks Alfred. "Every company has a benchmark for the kind of people they hire; whether they are VP, associate or intern. For hiring programmers, it is always better to go beyond the resume to get insights of real coding skills with code challenges," he adds. HackerRank for Work makes it easy to pick top developers from the leader board and evaluate them purely based on skill in no time. "Whether you are screening 5 or 5000 candidates, HackerRank automatically assesses and scores candidates' performance on coding challenges. HackerRank has traversed that extra mile to hire best minds in AI, data science and other CS domains for the likes of Facebook, Quora, and RocketFuel amongst many other esteemed names."

Aspiring to grow as a community of programmers, HackerRank is highly active in India and the U.S. at present."We are keenly looking to increase our footprint in Europe, Asia Pacific, China, Japan, and Australia," adds Hari. In the years to come, HackerRank will add more features to it while improving the programming base and revolutionizing a smarter coding platform.