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Keystone Healthcare: A Pioneering Organization Catering To The Rising Demands Of ERP Software Across The Healthcare Segment

Author : Raghavendra Pai, Director
Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Raghavendra Pai, Director

To reap significant advantages in terms of minimum ownership cost, low availability of in-house technical expertise, agile and flexible infrastructure capacity, less capital requirement, constant upgrades, and more, healthcare facilities and firms are highly embracing cloud-based ERP systems. To bring down operational costs and improve functional outcomes, pharmacies and laboratories have also started to embrace ERP systems for inventory management, accounts, purchase, point-of-sale profile, and selling. With a notion to cater to the rising demands of ERP software across the healthcare segment, Keystone healthcare was established in 2013 to refurbish the technological aspect of the healthcare industry, which bears the repute of being a fragmented market. Emerging as one of the fastest-growing IT service provider companies in the area of healthcare, the core focus of Keystone Healthcare is to deliver quality software solutions and services across different small and mid-sized hospitals in the country.

Crafting futuristic products that enables the customers a stay ahead of the game, Keystone Healthcare caters to Pharmaceutical, Hospital, and Diagnostic segments with clients ranging from Small, Medium, and Enterprise level. "Without indulging in any kind of overseas implementations, we are solely concentrated on the Indian market, where our key customers are small and midsize hospitals. Till now, we have completed more than 600 hospital installations, about 150 Diagnostic Center installations, and more than 1000 pharmacies using our offerings. At most of our installations, we have done a machine interface that ensures no human intervention at all during the diagnostic reporting. From the perspective of a patient engagement, updates are given to patients regularly in terms of the online reports, which can be accessed by logging into the portal from anywhere", shares Raghavendra Pai, Director, Keystone Healthcare.

“Envisioned to be the most successful healthcare technology company in the world, we are delivering the best customer experience through innovative & intuitive e-healthcare solutions”

With a mission to deliver to customers an easy-to-use software that is economical, built by leveraging cutting edge technologies, delivered with great support, Keystone Healthcare is pragmatically engaged to implement innovation across its functionalities and contribute consistently to its customers. Envisioned to be the most successful healthcare technology company in the world, Keystone Healthcare is delivering the best customer experience through innovative & intuitive e-healthcare solutions. Highlighting the USP of the firm, Raghavendra quotes, "Our USP lies in our price point as well as the customer-centric service that we provide to our customers. After the transaction happens, most of the customers encounter certain problems while operating software, which can sometimes be tricky and they remain clueless about whom to approach. We have managed to establish a good support system via which, we assist the hospital staff in addressing their queries, as we handhold our customers and walk them through this whole thing".

Unlike the presently blossoming startups which are confining themselves to a single vertical such as patient experience or providing prescriptions to the doctors, Keystone Healthcare is trying to give end-to-end solutions by addressing the overall nuances of the healthcare ecosystem. Starting its journey as a small setup, Keystone Healthcare has been able to carve its unique identity within the industry. Committed to addressing the pain points of its clients and leveraging technology prolifically to add novel features across its offerings, Keystone Healthcare is optimistic about its future expeditions. Equipped with exemplary resources and workforces, who are leaving no stones unturned to take drive the organization on its success path, Keystone Healthcare is seamlessly engaged in fabricating its roadmap into the future. "We are currently planning to launch mobile applications, through which one would be able to look at the reports and get connected to a specific diagnostic center. We aim to come up with an innovative portal within six months, wherein if patients visit three or four hospitals where our software is being used, they can look at their doctor's prescriptions, diagnostics report, and everything at one place", concludes Usha Kesari, Director, Keystone Healthcare.