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RPS Solutions: Integrating Innovative Features into their Products for a Better User Experience

Author : Amit Kumar Sharma, Founder
Monday, November 9, 2020

Amit Kumar Sharma, Founder

Like many other industries, the Covid19 pandemic has had an adverse effect on the jewellery and diamond industry too. The sales have dropped and the market activity has become sluggish. With that being the case, the advancements made in technology and software developments have helped diamond industry to escape the brunt of the adverse economic impact caused by the pandemic and streamline their business operations. RPS Solutions is one such company that has been operating in the market for over a decade by offering top-notch Jewellery ERP Solutions. The company which was established in 2004 has made impressive strides in the market and has been able to successfully create a niche for themselves owing to the quality and effectiveness of their products and services.

Under the guidance of its Founder Amit Kumar Sharma and Co-Founder Avishek Kumar Sharma, RPS Solutions has been able to strive for consistent improvement and separate themselves from the rest in the market.

"We have always given importance to Research and Development and this has helped us to understand the specific needs of our clients and offer them the aptest solutions. We are the first to introduce this initiative called mobile App solutions and before ours. Other companies were also not into this mobile technology and mobile ERP till then. Now considering the jewellery and diamond industry, the challenges are high and the challenges will be there. We have come-up with various solutions so it would become easy for an individual or a company to look into the needed information about their operations and run the company smoothly", avers Amit.

"RPS Solutions' software development practice complements its ERP customisation business through cross skilling and technology enablement for employees across business divisions."

In order to be a one-stop, shop for all their clients' needs, RPS Solutions offers a plethora of products and services including their Standard, Premium and Enterprise solutions package categorized according to the scale of their client's operations.

With AI and speech integration processes in the pipeline, RPS Solutions is pushing their limits which have helped them to strive for perfection. This has helped the company to work with more than 500 clients across India, Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai and growing. While the rest of their competition is focusing only on the product aspect of the business, RPS Solutions gives ample importance to the service and support aspect while at the same time offering innovative products. This has helped the company to expand their horizons and work with companies across different verticals including Educational Institutes, Manufacturing and Export houses to name a few.

As an industry stalwart, Amit completely acknowledges the importance of a strong team and adding about the organizational culture at RPS Solutions, he adds "Team vision is what drives the efforts of all the individuals in the organization.

We aim to constantly add value to our customer's requirements and expectations through our cutting-edge technology solutions and our ability to understand their business processes. Business ethics and corporate governance form the corner stone of our interactions with our team members and customers".

As far as the future goes, Amit has clear plans and objectives for the company and one important thing that he is concentrating is on Digital Vitual App with AI integration into their software and mobile apps.

The company has also tied up with ICICI bank and has introduced a new function into their software which helps their clients to make bank transactions through their software itself. With all this, RPS Solutions is aiming to be the epitome of topnotch ERP solution providers in the country.