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SchoolMitra : Leveraging Technology to Deliver Effective School Management Solutions

Author : ERP Insights Team
Wednesday, October 25, 2017

ERP Insights Team

A child's life is very much a reflection of his parents and teachers. While teachers are the mentors who deliver knowledge, parents are the main source to gain wisdom. Hence, teachers and parents are two essential elements that contribute towards shaping a child's future. This makes it important that for a steady and synchronized growth of a child, the parents as well as teachers need to work hand-in-hand. Traditionally, schools would set up parent-teacher meetings to discuss a child's growth. However, with rising time constraints it has become difficult for most parents as well as teacher to conduct such meetings. Abhishek Kumar along with Vivek Kumar and Gurpreet Singh Narula, wasn't too late to sense the need to bridge the gap between parents, teachers and students. Together, the trio established 'SchoolMitra' - an efficient School Management Software System designed exclusively to automate school operations.

Set up in 2013, SchoolMitra is one of its kind of platform which enables the schools to not just maintain a timely communication with the parents, but also assists them in effectively managing their day to day activities like Attendance Alerts, Fee Management System, Exam Management System, Transport Management System, Hostel Management System, Staff Management System, Document Management System and many more. "Most schools today are in a dilemma about picking the right school management software that would not just fit in with their requirements, but would also come along with post-installation service. Taking note of this, SchoolMitra is unique software which has been developed with various modules like student's detailed profile management system, admission module and many more. Our mobile application has been especially customized to facilitate well-timed and smooth communications between parents and teachers," shares Abhishek Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder, SchoolMitra.

A customer-centric firm, SchoolMitra firmly believes in leveraging technology to design efficient and better School Management Software Solutions for Educational Institutions. Catering to middle and lower-middle income schools, the team at SchoolMitra believes that it understands this segment very well and its customer-focused approach is what differentiates it from rest of the players. A B2B SaaS based product, SchoolMitra has successfully delivered more than 1 crore personalized messages to parents till date. The firm has over 1 lakh students from 250 schools which are already operating on their platform, which clearly reflects the growth of SchoolMitra. "We have kept ourselves very much upto date with the latest technology and the kind of technology development that should happen in our software. Operating in Tier 2, Tier 3 levels, we have very localized kind of responsibilities, and we believe we have an advantage because we do not over-charge our customers. Our pricing structure is affordable, we have a very strong service and support model and our customer-centric approach is what has led us to where we stand today," says Abhishek. At present, SchoolMitra is operational in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and West Bengal.

With its competent staff of intelligent and skilled employees, in the years to come SchoolMitra is all set to go Pan-India with current target on 25 cities. With an aim to set a benchmark in the School Management ERP industry for others to follow, in the coming years Abhishek wishes to work in the education domain with the K-12 segment.