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Sukraa Software Solution Automating Healthcare Operations

Author : ERP Insights Team
Monday, December 4, 2017

ERP Insights Team

With India experiencing a whopping 22 to 25 percent growth in medical tourism and the Indian healthcare industry being expected to double its size from 3 billion USD in April 2017 to 6 billion USD by 2018, the Healthcare industry in India is bound to grow 1.5 times by 2020. The growing healthcare sector and the number of operations within the industry is a clear indication that the potential of existing healthcare professionals should be put to its best use. Determined to turn these roadblocks into stepping stones is Sukraa Software Solution Pvt. Ltd., which is a luminary when it comes to offering healthcare management software. Established in 2004, Sukraa Software Solution is a software development firm that has evolved rapidly and today covers software developments across various industry and technology spectrums.

Keeping up with its founding objectives to bridge the information management gaps within the healthcare industry, Sukraa Software has come up with unique Hospital Information Management Systems which deliver services like Inventory, Pharmacy, Billing for Insurance, Billing for Packages, PACS, Laboratory Equipment Automation, Blood Bank, Human Resources, Business Intelligence, Asset Inventory, Equipment Maintenance, Cafeteria, Computerised Prescription Order Entry (CPOE) and many more. "At Sukraa, we understand the challenges and pressures that govern the medical industry and taking it into consideration we have designed a completely automated and valueadded software solution to fit any hospital, clinic or laboratory. Sukraa's solutions assist in minimizing nurses and technicians' work load that contributes to around 40 percent of total resources and plays a vital role in healthcare sector, thus significantly enhancing the quality of patient-care within the healthcare sector. Our open architecture enables every patient touch-point as well as back-office processes to be seamlessly integrated with functions like Help Desk, Room Management, Labs, Finance, HR, Marketing, Stores, Delivery, Housekeeping and Inventory Services which are streamlined into one stateof-the art platform," says Sridhar Paripoornam, CEO, Sukraa Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Sukraa's automation solutions not only play an important role in the Laboratory Information Management System but it also ensures that all departments in the laboratory are integrated into a completely secure environment. This is made possible with the unique, centralized intranet/ internet lab bar-coding solution that is among the first to be introduced in India. Further, the simple to navigate solution enables easy-registration of approximately 360 patients within an hour, thus improving the laboratory's promptness as well as the efficiency which automatically translates into tangible benefits.

"Unmatched post-sales support along with quality control, extensive inventory management module, and an ability to bring down costs by almost 25 percent are the prime factors that strongly differentiate Sukraa from its competitors. Our solutions are powered by business intelligent tools which empower physicians and clinicians with all the required information under one electronic dashboard, thereby enabling faster and accurate decision-making. Apart from the aforementioned products, Sukraa also delivers software and web application development services, smart card and bar-coding technologies and biometrics identifiers which enable health institutes to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into their operations," shares Sridhar Paripoornam.

Based out of Chennai, with clients across pan-India, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Middle East, today, Sukraa Software Solution is marching ahead with the vision to emerge as one of the top 10 Healthcare Software development companies in the nation by 2022. Committed towards transparent and responsible business practices with shareholders as well as unparalleled benefits for the employees and clients, in the years to come Sukraa Software Solution envisions continuing delivering solutions that will address the challenges faced within the healthcare industry.