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3 Things Students Must Do To Get Campus Placed

Monday, 30 September 2019, 07:15 Hrs

3 things students must do to get campus placed

The competition in today’s world is very fierce, especially in the field of engineering where there is a big supply of engineers ready at disposal, but the demand is comparatively less. What does an engineer do then? He/she should be aware of the things which are very important for getting campus placements. Why? Campus placements are the best place to score a job, you don’t have to go anywhere and also by the time you finish your engineering, you will already have a job waiting for you. This takes the load off from the mind of a final year engineering student and without worrying about their future a lot, they can finally calm themselves down and pay attention to their studies.

Below are the top 3 things to get campus placed

  • Get into the college which provides placements

A person must know the college he wants to graduate from. You need to have a rough list of colleges in your mind. This will help you shape your preparations for the entrance exams. In most cases, students aim for very good colleges but end up getting the below-average colleges. You need to be practical and rational while making a choice of college. Once you have made up your mind about the college start your research about the rank and marks required to get into it. Since you have a rough idea of the marks you can strategize your preparations. More aware, practical and rational preparation will help you get better results. For example, if you come from U.P. and you are planning to get into any of --> JSS, AKG, ABES etc then you need to strategize your preparations accordingly and know all the details of UPSEE.

  • Strategize the Placement preparations

Companies visiting the colleges for placements do not always look for Toppers. The requirements vary for each company. Some companies visit the college for mass hiring. Mostly this happens with Infosys, TCS, HCL, etc.

Others visit campus to hire the best and give offers to one or two like Amazon. So again you need to have your strategy in place. Your preparation must reflect the organization you want to get into. This is also important that you maintain a good GPA throughout the graduation and keep up your preparation for the placements. Most of the companies keep criteria of throughout 60% or 65% as eligibility to sit in placement tests.

Know The Selection Process

You must know in advance the kind of selection process different companies have so that when the opportunity arrives, you are confident and ready to go through it and not surprised and scared. Knowing the selection process will give you time to prepare yourself and get ahead of your peers. Every company has a different method for selecting people.