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91mobiles Unveils PROJECT ARIA Concept - A Smartphone That Is Eternally Future-proof

Thursday, 26 February 2015, 10:50 Hrs

91mobiles.com, India’s largest gadget research website has come up with Project ARIA concept which is a creative visualisation that offers a glimpse into the future of smartphones. You can visit the you tube link below, to experience Project Aria smartphone. 


91mobiles engaged with its large audience base through surveys to understand what consumers expect from their future devices. Based on the insights gathered, 91mobiles focussed on the aspects such as performance, battery life, form factor, camera, display while offering easy customization & upgradeability options. The team then carefully considered the technologies/materials that are promising enough now and will become mainstream in the next couple of years. 91mobiles then infused this knowledge and the insights gathered to come up with PROJECT ARIA concept.

Key features of Project ARIA

Super-capacitors instead of batteries - Super capacitors are much lighter than present batteries and offer ten times more battery life while taking just a fraction of a time to recharge.

Modular and replaceable hardware - allows easy upgradation by just swapping the hardware components. For instance, if the user wants to upgrade the processor he/she can just swap it with a processor that is faster and offers better performance.

Holographic Video Projection - allows the device to offer life-like video experience, best for video calling and enjoying 4D content.

Lytro camera - A camera unit that captures the entire depth of field instead of just the subject, thereby allowing users to change the perspective and endlessly refocus on the pictures taken.

Vibration transducer speaker system - allows device to turn any flat surface into a large speaker, enhancing the audio experience.

Transparent Polymer OLED display with 4k resolution - offers great usability and vibrant visuals when in use while it turns transparent when not in use.

Hardware specifications for the Project Aria

· 5-inch UHD / 3840 × 2160 pixel resolution POLED display, with a pixel density close to 900PPI

· 20NM fabrication based octa-core chip clocked at 3.0GHz, 64-bit compatible (upgradeable)

· 4GB of RAM (upgradeable)

· 16GB/ 32GB / 64GB / 128GB (upgradeable)

· 13- Megapixel, Lytro camera unit with Optical Image stabilization and 4K Video recording (upgradeable)

· 4G/ LTE connectivity (upgradeable)

· Wi-Fi -AC, Bluetooth 4.1 LP, NFC (upgradeable)

· Carbon based super capacitor for battery offering 2 days’ worth of battery life in just a 30 min quick charge

Project Aria Video Link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzdTyUunHFs