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AppOrbit And Google Allied To Accelerate Cloud Migration With AppPorter 2.0

Tuesday, 21 August 2018, 07:31 Hrs

AppOrbit and Google announced a joint partnership to deliver Universal Application Modernization and Cloud Migration to enterprise customers. The partnership is focused on accelerating the digital transformation and systematically transitioning mission-critical business and other applications into the Google Cloud Platform. With AppOrbit’s universal modernization platform, monolithic applications are de-stacked into containerized, cloud-ready layers that can be composed directly into the Google Kubernetes Engine.

Reducing lengthy manual application modernization efforts, accelerating business innovation, and fast-tracking application Cloud onboarding AppOrbit’s AppPorter automates digital transformation by analyzing applications and their data dependencies, translates each application into a set of modern, comprehensive application containers, and imports the fully functioning application into the Google Cloud Platform, without the need to rewrite or recode the application. For business-critical applications, such as WebLogic and WebSphere, AppPorter delivers application specific analyzers and transformers to optimize the modernization process. For the long tail of custom applications, AppPorter has also developed universal analyzers and transformers that work for all applications to optimize the modernization process. Using these approaches, all applications can easily be modernized and transitioned into the Google Cloud Platform in a matter of days versus months with the traditional manual services-oriented approach.

“Enterprises have thousands of applications that are business critical and near business critical that need to be modernized for companies to meet their digital transformation goals. Modernizing thousands of applications manually one at a time is not a viable solution,” says Rahul Ravulur, CEO of AppOrbit. AppPorter’s Universal Transformers and Quick Iteration Workbench allow architects to modernize and ‘Fail Fast’ to achieve the optimum level of modernization with minimum effort and in the shortest amount of time for all their applications. For complex applications like WebSphere & WebLogic, AppPorter provides highly-calibrated optimization techniques to deliver the build-test-operate lifecycle benefits within a container-native environment. The combination of Google’s GKE, one of the most advanced Kubernetes platforms in the market today, and AppOrbit’s AppPorter will help enterprise customers realize and reap the benefits of a successfully executed digital transformation strategy.