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Chatbot Vs Human Customer Service - What Is Better For Gaining Customer Attention

Thursday, 27 February 2020, 12:28 Hrs

When you visit a website by design a chat icon opens and asks you how it can help you. Behind the scene, there might be a human assisting you. Or maybe the support via chat is provided by a bot.

It is predicted that the chatbot market would reach 1.25 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. This prediction made surely depicts the craze of chatbots in recent times.

 A chatbot brings a plethora of advantages with itself. It squarely supports customers via audio using a common language. The reason for the craze surrounding chatbot is it abolishes the extra manpower requirement, cash flow and time for a company.

Suppose a company made huge sales and is not able to deliver after-sales support because of budget limitation or the least inadequate workforce. If this happened a few years back at a time while chatbots were not so popular, then it would have been disastrous. Chatbots made life easy by intervening in the industry at the right time to support after-sales and customer demands.

In support of this system, there are many points suggesting the usefulness of chatbots.

  • Like sometimes live customer agents are not available or they take a longer time to resolve problems. A chatbot, on the other hand, extends support instantly, thus making customer experience satisfactory.
  • Implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence in chatbot technology makes it smarter. Chatbot learns the problem inclination while solving them and with every solution it delivers, it gets better in determining human requirements. Machine learning and artificial intelligence make chatbots achieve the highest efficiency.
  • Don’t worry if you lack core technical knowledge. Chatbots are easy to setup. Presently, the development of chatbots has reached to a point where lots of packages are available. These packages include accurate customer responses. Package chatbots are mostly used by e-commerce portals.
  • When a chatbot is experiencing difficulty in providing the right solution to a customer, it hands over the customer problem to a live agent who will definitely solve the customer problem. Yes, chatbots are able to sort out the best suited live agent for a particular problem-solving.
  • Chatbots do not possess any human emotion and follow the rules mentioned to them for providing alluring customer service. So, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Though there are many supporting points for chatbots, there are some which signify why live agents are still required by the industry. Let’s have a look at those:

  • The customer world has not yet adapted to getting served by bots. They still prefer human interaction when they face problems.
  • Unlike chatbots that do not possess human emotions, live agents are able to understand the context of a problem easily and quickly. They are more efficient in providing customer support when any non-contextual queries are made by the customers.
  • Live agents are ready to give customer support without making them wait for long hours as chatbots take time to understand the problem of a customer. Using live agents increases customer retention and also the conversion of sales.

Using chatbots and live agents together is the best approach for customer support. As chatbots are able to divert the problems when they are not able to solve them, live agents get a chance to make the best out of those. A 24/7 solution can be provided by live agents and chatbots together in better ways and efficiently.