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Comviva Announces Foray Into Banking CVM With Machine Learning & AI Platform

Thursday, 06 December 2018, 04:50 Hrs

Comviva, the global leader in providing mobility solutions, announced its foray into banking customer value management (CVM) by entering into a new partnership with Number Theory, an Artificial Intelligence and Enterprise Data Management firm. The partnership allows Comviva to enhance its MobiLytixTM Real Time marketing solution with new machine learning and AI capabilities built on Number Theory’s AI Scale Platform.       

The partnership aims to combine Comviva’s big-data enabled, multi-channel, customer value management (CVM) platform with Number Theory’s machine learning & AI capabilities, empowering banks to grow value from their customers through continuous, intelligent and engaging interactions. The combination of real-time insights and machine learning algorithms will open many new use cases that will help in furthering the innovation agenda of banks, facilitating the delivery of responsive, personalized and insight driven experiences.         

Banks will get access to real-time insights, but also the capability to use that information for personalizing their services based on the customer’s unique persona and behavioural and transactional attributes.  MobiLytixTM Real Time Marketing coupled AI @ Scale Platform will give banks a deeper and more holistic understanding of their customers to satisfy their constantly evolving needs.

“In today’s digital economy, banks have to anticipate customer needs and engage proactively with them to deliver products and services that meet those needs. We are very happy to say that our enhanced MobiLytixTM Real Time Marketing platform will help banks to transform into always connected, always engaged entities and in the process grow customer engagement, satisfaction and revenues,” said, Amit Sanyal, VP & Executive Head, Consumer Value Solutions, Comviva.

Speaking on the occasion Rajan Nagina, CEO, Number Theory said, “Banks have a huge reservoir of data, which can help them to grow value from their customers. Comviva’s deep expertise in CVM combined with our AI and Machine learning capabilities will enable banks to understand each customer uniquely and design contextual and personalized engagement leading to deeper customer engagement and increase in revenue.”