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Edureka Adds 20 New Specialization Courses In Automation, AI, Devops, Cloud Computing

Thursday, 11 July 2019, 04:29 Hrs

Edureka, a leading global e-learning company, today announced the addition of 20 new cutting-edge technology programs to help IT professionals take advantage of the growing demand in the fields of Automation, AI, Cloud Computing, and Data Visualization. Owing to the huge gap in demand and supply of skills, online education platforms are launching courses in leaps and bound targeting IT professionals. However, only a few like Edureka have managed to conduct deep intelligence to understand and address the need gap. Edureka has announced these new programs that are aligned with current industry needs to help professionals stay relevant in this volatile IT industry.

The newly launched certification programs will include courses in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Microsoft Azure, Automation Testing, Salesforce, DevOps, AI, Machine LearningAWS DevOps. While the Automation Testing and RPA courses are designed to redefine the careers of Software Testing professionals by providing them with new-age skills, the newly introduced Microsoft Azure and Salesforce programs will further strengthen Edureka’s existing Cloud Computing course portfolio. These courses are not only in-depth, instructor-led, online programs but are also packed with real-life case studies and practical demos.

“The IT industry is growing at a rapid pace, and businesses are incessantly dependent on different technologies that can drive strategic business decisions. To help bridge this gap between industry needs and talent availability, we focus on constantly introducing certifications that are not only affordable but also relevant for IT professionals. In fact, we launch a new course or an upgrade to an existing course every fortnight; that’s how fast technologies and their applications are evolving. Technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Azure, Testing, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning are going to be the biggest job creators in the coming years and the right choice for tech professionals,” said Vineet Chaturvedi, Co-Founder, Edureka.  


The newly introduced cutting-edge programs are the latest additions to Edureka’s growing portfolio of more than 200 courses in technologies that are in demand globally. It also reiterates Edureka’s commitment to helping technology professionals keep up with changing technologies and stay relevant in the IT industry.


Edureka’s Robotic Process Automation training will help you gain expertise in popular RPA tools-UiPath and Automation Anywhere. Edureka has also partnered with Automation Anywhere and is now an accredited training partner for this popular RPA tool. As a result of this partnership, learners of Edureka's RPA using Automation Anywhere live, online course will get an opportunity to gain expertise in the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Platform which will help them in gaining hands-on experience on the enterprise platform and gain an immense skill advantage. Also, as this course is aligned to the AA Certified Advanced RPA Professional certification exam, you will be able to prepare for the Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional Certification Exam after completing this course.   

   Edureka’s Microsoft Azure 300 & AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification courses will help you implement advanced networking configurations, plan authentication and security of the infrastructure, use PaaS solutions and Storage Services to deploy end-to-end cloud solutions. Some of the use cases where Azure 103’s unique features prove to be useful are IoT, Disaster Recovery, User Generated Content Hosting, Feature Testing, Product Databases, and Catalogues. Also, for Azure 300’s use cases are Automotive, Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Finance, Production, Insurance, Banking, Government, Retail, Media, Manufacturing, Real Estate, and Pharmaceuticals.

Edureka’s Test Automation Engineer Master’s Program will help one achieve success in optimizing the test automation strategies and methodology. It will also help you perform software testing in all phases of the software life cycle, and automation of any web-based application using Selenium. Some of the use cases where test automation unique features are helpful are Accounting, Financial Services, Customer Services, Human Resource Administration, Healthcare and Supply Chain management.

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer program by Edureka is aligned to the Professional exam by the same name. It has been designed to help an individual in developing advanced technical skills on CodeCommit, Codepipeline, CloudFormation, OpsWorks, Beanstalk and many more, needed to successfully attempt the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional examination.