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ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite Now Supports Integration With IBM QRadar SIEM To Provide SAP Secur

Wednesday, 10 June 2015, 04:34 Hrs

ERPScan - leading ERP and SAP Security provider, has entered into a partnership program with IBM, as ERPScan solution has been certified to work with IBM QRadar. It has been officially titled “Ready for IBM Security Intelligence and Analytics.”

In essence, all the critical vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and security events detected by ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite in SAP and Oracle enterprise systems can now be continuously managed in IBM QRadar SIEM. This makes a comprehensive approach to security analysis of Oracle and SAP applications (SAP NetWeaver ABAP, SAP NetWeaver JAVA, SAP HANA, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Mobile, Oracle Database and Oracle PeopleSoft) possible. The companies that use IBM QRadar now can carry out complete security analysis of the entire company's infrastructure together with Oracle and SAP Security in one unified platform.

SIEM systems are at the backbone of all security issues, as they serve as the central point for all monitoring processes of the entire infrastructure. They also serve as the basis of SOC. They are very convenient for security specialists, because they allow to manage security from a single point.

We work hard to make innovations in our products and make them native to the maximum extent possible. Integration of ERPScan in IBM QRadar enables supplementing of information collected by IBM QRadar with the details of security status of specific SAP and Oracle systems. SAP Security data from ERPScan can be exported automatically into IBM QRadar after each scan. This aids in managing the entire security on the basis of one solution, as well as by ERPScan console.

IBM QRadar system is clearly a leader among SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems, that's why we have selected it. This partnership is a part of our global strategy, which is to integrate our solution both with the key players in the security market and the promising startups.

- Alexander Polyakov, CTO ERPScan.