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Formever Launches New Line Of Free ERP Systems For Mid-Sized Businesses

Monday, 18 April 2016, 09:42 Hrs

Mid-sized businesses searching for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system made specifically for them are about to gain access to a broad range of new, customizable resources with the launch of Release 10 of Formever.

With the release, the company is allowing businesses to download free, pre-formulated software — including two-time billing systems and one manufacturing systems — on its website. This allows mid-sized businesses to try out Formever and explore all of the features it has to offer, working with test data to serve as an example of how it works.

Companies may then access a free, blank copy of the system to use as they would like, inputting their own data or customizing it using the software’s easy-to-use design platform. Or, they may have the team at Formever customize the system for a nominal fee. The highly flexible platform allows for customized logos and brand colors, along with more complex components like purchase order and payroll systems, among others.

“We are absolutely thrilled to launch Release 10 of Formever, as it truly fills the ERP software gap that so many mid-sized companies experience and struggle to address,” said Corin Gutteridge, CEO of Formever, Inc. “In the past, these companies have had to choose between lower-tier systems that are inflexible and don’t meet their needs, or more traditional systems meant for large corporations — which tend to be expensive and complicated to set up. We are bridging that gap, making ERP easier and more effective for companies with annual revenues between about $1 million and $50 million.”

The software is based on the input and feedback of business leaders, who too often believe that there are no effective ERP systems tailored to their needs. Taking this into account, the team at Formever has designed a solution that can be built for a company from the ground up, while reducing costs and the time it takes to set up the system.

The software developers at Formever, Inc. are led by Chief Technology Officer Dr. Lance Gutteridge, who has more than five decades of experience building custom business systems. Recognizing the inefficiencies for mid-sized companies needing to solve the same programs repeatedly, Dr. Gutteridge created the Formever Design Environment as a way to better respond to their real-world needs. As a result, Formever eliminates coding and makes custom design accessible to individuals of all backgrounds — whether they’re managers, consultants, accountants or other professionals.

“We have created Formever with a sleek design environment that eliminates the need to do any kind of programming, which makes the production process much easier for our clients,” said Dr. Gutteridge. “Whether you want to customize it in-house or have us manage that process, you and your organization will get an ERP solution that meets your needs and helps you grow your business. This is an ERP option that has not really existed in this market segment to date, and we are incredibly excited for the launch.”