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How Can ERP Improve Project Management

Monday, 16 March 2020, 09:31 Hrs

Project Management is a process of developing and managing strategies to complete the projects assigned by the clients using various essential and effective components required. Every project begins with an aim to achieve in the end; in this process of completing the desired goals, a project undergoes several mouldings. All the industries and the companies work on their respective projects and a Project Manager is assigned to look after every project and their resources.

To minimize the errors being occurred during project management and centralize the resources ERP is being implemented in Project Management. ERP implementation helps the project managers in overseeing all the operational functions happening within the teams assigned to complete their assigned projects effectively. There are various ERP systems designed for every industry, also a company can implement customized ERP solutions. The project management ERP module can guide the manager to record resources used, time is taken, cost and expenses, activities taking place and many more important functions required in completing a project.

 The Project Management process can gain many benefits by implementing ERP solutions which smoothens their functions and offers productive services. Following are some of the ways how ERP can improve project management:

1. Centralized Project Plan:
By using ERP solutions in Project Management a project manager can design and develop a centralized plan to complete the assigned projects. This will help a project manager to keep his team members in the loop and by using ERP software every team member will be able to access the project plan. This will help in saving time and also when the employees are kept informed about the projects going on and their plans, they feel that they are an important part of a company and works efficiently.

2. Recording the Projects:
By keeping a record of all the elements invested in any on-going project management through ERP, a manager can track all the activities happening. The ERP solutions can help a manager to know where the amount is invested, employee contribution, operations taking place. Through ERP software a manager can monitor all the actions conducted and the creative strategies for the future process to complete the project and accomplish organizational goals.

3. Performance Validation:
In project management methodology and ERP implementation, a major factor that assists a project manager is, knowing about the performance of their team members. A manager can evaluate the performance level of an employee and his contribution to completing the assigned project. Henceforth a manager can learn and understand the performance of his team members through ERP software.

4. Training the Employees:
By implementing ERP solutions the project managers can train their employees with the required measures and techniques to perform the assigned responsibilities. Also, when a company incorporates new technologies, a manager can train and assist his/her team members with those new technologies through ERP.

5. Project Feedback:
Through ERP implementation a company can easily access the project feedbacks and if any changes are required they can assign it directly to the person in charge. It will help in doing the required changes easily and connect back to the clients.