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How Combination Of AI And ERP Can Improve Business Processes?

Friday, 14 February 2020, 13:21 Hrs

Single and unique software to manage business processes in an enterprise, ERP automates the business utilities and grants the easy access of data in organizational systems. By making accurate and reliable planning procedures, ERP assists in achieving a more defined and determined outcome. Playing a very crucial role in the growth and development of a company, ERP is now combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) expecting more advanced and favorable results. A new age technology, revolutionizing the industry demonstrating its power over the manual workforce, AI is certainly the best tool to amalgamate with ERP for better data insights and enhanced operational efficiency of the companies.

Using the combination of AI and ERP optimally, more effective and efficient software applications can be developed which will not only improvise the internal administrative structure of the organization but will also craft better technology infrastructure, customizing the business process of a company. To know how the combination of AI and ERP can assist in improving the business processes, the following pointers can be of assistance:

  1. Reduction of Heavy Workload: Most of the time, manual entry of data into the ERP is time-consuming and prone to errors. Burdened with a heavy workload, the task of manual entry of data is quite an irksome job. However, combining the AI with ERP can result in learning from the regular data entries from the sources creating a unique workflow suitable for business processes. This technology-based advancement not only save the time for the organization but will also prevent any kind of error which could have led the company into financial crises.
  2. Enhancement in Synchronized Workflow: Analyzing the record of previously processed data, AI-enabled ERP can craft predictive models to improve business processes. Recognizing the already completed workflow, AI will be able to perform the next task without any manual instruction. Again a time-saving criterion, facilitating AI along with ERP will result in a synchronized workflow with properly organized, minimum effort, and error-free.
  3. Better Decision Making Process: One of the key features of ERP is to progress the business process and improve the decision making strategy. Learning from the earlier behavioral patterns, AI can clear the confusion while taking an important decision and assist in effective data handling and management.
  4. Improved CRM Process: Improving the interaction with the existing and potential customers, the CRM process is one of the important tools for business enterprises. By collecting the distinct data regarding the various customers, analyzing them, and identifying the necessary existing pattern in them to AI-enabled ERP ensures a more optimized customer-centric relationship for the company. Apart from that it can also recognize any kind of upcoming pitfalls and take necessary precautions beforehand.
  5. Overall Quality Improvement: Forecasting the demand and taking necessary precautions beforehand to mitigate them, AI can ensure an overall enhancement of quality for the enterprise. Predicting the performance and configuring the existing gaps between the internal systems of an organization, AI combined with ERP identifies the root cause of any existing problem and identifies the available opportunities to draw favorable solutions.

Although it is a new phenomenon, a combination of AI and ERP is expected to open all possible opportunities in the industry. Adding limitless possibilities of an improved business process, the union of AI and ERP can boost the productivity of the company by granting a competitive advantage.