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How Is Machine Learning Shaping Education?

Monday, 27 January 2020, 13:14 Hrs

Machine Learning or ML is a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that supports the systems in learning the new or old data from its experience without being interfered with by any human or programs. For example, in the category of crime, the officials use machine learning in order to know the criminal record of any individual being charged or suspected. In such instances the technologies under Machine Learning have used namely image recognition, discovering individual data – if any crime is been attempted and punished before, and many more. Also, it is used in hospitals to learn the existing or new medical records of the patients. Hence, Machine Learning is an application that is available and being used for ages but has gained a significant place in recent times with the improving technologies.

Today, Machine Learning is used in most of the sectors in order to maintain the data safely without being explicated to any external threat, one such domain that is being developed using Machine Learning is ‘the Education System’. Machine Learning is to be considered as one of the infrastructures offered to the students or faculties of respective institutions or any individual personally. Using in-built algorithms the Artificial Intelligence systems or Machine Learning predicts the required results. Following are some of the ways how Machine Learning is shaping and developing the education sector by making it an easy task to extract the required data:

1. Tailored Learning –

Machine Learning can help both the students and the teachers. In some cases every student will not be able to learn or study with a teaching common pattern, the learning capacity of every student ranges. In order to teach every student in a model that makes concepts easily understandable also, using various data and examples while teaching helps the faculties in explaining the concepts easily and make it more interesting. When it comes to the students using Machine Learning, the application provides numerous learning tools that can be used in customized learning.

2. Predicting Student’s Growth –

Using Machine Learning the teachers can evaluate and predict the student’s performance. By monitoring student’s performance, the teachers can find out their growth and performance level. If any student needs to be improved, the teachers can guide them with various learning tools or ways that will help them in improving.

3. Simplifying the Tasks –

The tasks that required more time in the traditional schooling system such as writing assignments, providing notes, assigning the tasks, recording attendance and the results, submitting the assignments and many such responsibilities. With the use of Machine Learning this complex or time-consuming tasks can be simplified using appropriate tools, for example, if any student is unable to submit the written assignment on the expected time due to any reason, he/she may use the technology and submit the assignment to the respective teacher.

4. Improved Teaching and Learning Styles –

Using Machine Learning a teacher can use previously recorded study materials which can help students in understanding the concepts easily and clearly. Also, a student can make the best use of Machine Learning in studying the concepts; if any student is unable to attend any class he/she may learn that part of the syllabus using the recorded classes provided by a college. Even if any student is not able to understand or learn any concept explained at the school or college they make learn them anytime anywhere using various study tools online.

5. Assigning Projects and Duties –

Assigning duties or projects to every student personally can consume a lot of time; in order to avoid this, teachers can use Machine Learning to assign them to the students. This helps in assigning work to the students whenever they are able to and keep a check on them through knowing their status. Also, grading the students after the completion of assigned responsibility becomes easy using Machine Learning applications.

Presently, there are numerous tools available in order to simplify the tasks assigned; Machine Learning is one among them. This application of Artificial Learning helps in customizing the duties according to one’s requirement. Therefore with the developing technologies, Machine Learning is shaping the future of the education system in a better way by helping the teachers and the students gain more knowledge without consuming more time.