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Infor Introduces Infor CloudSuite Clinical

Wednesday, 15 April 2015, 05:30 Hrs

Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced the Infor CloudSuite Clinical, to be available the fall of 2015. This solution is a new cloud-based interoperability, analytics and patient engagement platform for payers, providers, private exchanges, ACO's, PCMH's, RHIO's, and pharma, medical device and technology vendors, who are struggling with complex interoperability challenges to exchange and aggregate data from disparate business, operational and clinical platforms and effectively use it to improve the health of the populations they serve while ensuring care is affordable, and operations are financially sustainable. Part of the Infor Healthcare suite of solutions, Infor CloudSuite Clinical provides demonstrated healthcare interoperability and exchange through Infor Cloverleaf, and access to clinical, business and operations data in a single, flexible, expandable platform.

"Improving population health is of utmost importance, and clinical interoperability is a topic on everyone's mind right now from congress to clinicians, payers and patients. C-Suite, Clinical and IT leaders are overwhelmed with exploding data, but struggling to prove the return-on-investment from electronic health record implementation efforts," said Barry P. Chaiken, M.D., chief medical information officer, Infor. "With an established interoperability and exchange platform, and by collecting, storing, analyzing and exposing structured and unstructured clinical, business and operational data, Infor is leap-frogging traditional clinical data repository and warehouse strategies."

Comprised of a Clinical Exchange, Clinical Vault and Purpose Built Health Apps, Infor CloudSuite Clinical allows the healthcare community to capitalize on investments made in electronic health records (EHRs).  CloudSuite Clinical will enable organizations to connect data across disparate health applications, collect and store that data in its original form, leverage the power of new data models to make the data meaningful and expose it for secondary uses, such as bio surveillance and comparative effectiveness.  The solution will help healthcare organizations optimize care delivery operations, provide quality care, effectively engage patients, and promote wellness. ACO's and providers of care will be able to view health records and care delivered outside their system, operational decision makers will be able to aggregate all relevant data in one place, and a physician can address their patients' needs by providing individualized guidance. Through the draft Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard, Infor will also facilitate a standardized API to enable rapid application development for providers, payers, and pharma, medical device and technology vendors, and deliver pre-packaged healthcare Analytics and Workflow Apps. 

In addition, the Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association (GRIPA) leverages Infor's Clinical Exchange to integrate information from disparate Health IT systems and make information actionable. With better, more accurate data and reporting, GRIPA operationalizes broad data to identify and improve gaps in care. GRIPA also sees the system's clinical value for its care managers who work with high risk patients who need more care at a higher cost. A consolidated summary of recent patient activity, medication lists, allergies, and other information will help the team make smoother referrals to other GRIPA providers, streamline care and ultimately help improve patient outcomes.

"Unlike traditional EHR, HIE and Data Warehouse vendors, CloudSuite Clinical integrates and aggregates various types of clinical, business and operational data sources and delivers a single source of truth through a platform enabling data storage, retrieval and advanced analytics," continued Chaiken.