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Marg ERP Launches "My Shop QRID" To Maintain Social Distancing Between Buyer & Seller In C

Wednesday, 01 July 2020, 16:42 Hrs

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped how businesses operate around the globe. Retailers, distributors, shop keepers, are conducting essential work, but it may be difficult to adjust to, and maintain the six-feet recommended social distancing guidelines. Observing the alarming situation, Marg ERP (P) Ltd. has launched a new feature in the Marg ERP software for maintaining social distancing between buyer and seller in the time of COVID-19. Overall, the company aims to help & secure 10 lakh registered users and this idea could help 5 Crore small & medium businesses, if one assumes 1 family has 4 members, then it counts for almost 20 Crore people, with this new innovation.

Now, it's unlock time, businesses, malls, markets are reopened. Though the chances and fear of COVID infections are more, one can't keep economy locked forever. The company's latest innovative feature provides real-time social distancing between buyer and seller. No one needs to come closer and talks unnecessarily. It mitigates the chances of getting infected hugely.

Thakur Anup Singh, CMD of Marg ERP Ltd. says, "The real challenge is with wholesale markets or crowded kirana & pharmacy shops; when a customer enters into a shop to buy something, he enquires several things i.e. price, deals, scheme, discounts etc. At billing time also, he needs to mingle with strangers in a que without knowing their CORONA status. Not only buyer, but seller also has some genuine problems like he can't handle all queries at a one go. This increases the chances to lose customer also.  Moreover, more interaction means more chances to get infected."

Thakur Anup Singh, adds, "To make everything safer and easier, Marg ERP has developed a new feature in its software called 'My Shop QRID' for the distributors who operate in the wholesale markets and for the shopkeepers, whose shops are thronged by the customers themselves. 'My Shop QRID' makes entire process digital and it becomes contact free, interaction free and safer. QR code-based solution at shops can help to regain the confidence of customers also."