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Oracle Extends Integrations Between Marketing, Web, And Commerce Solutions To Help Marketers Enhance

Monday, 04 May 2015, 05:30 Hrs

To help marketers deliver more personalized and engaging customer experiences across digital channels, Oracle today announced the integration of Oracle Marketing Cloud’s cross-channel marketing solution with Oracle Commerce and Oracle WebCenter Sites. The integrations help marketers increase conversions and drive revenue through cross-channel marketing efforts by enabling personalized customer experiences to be seamlessly orchestrated across digital channels.

Without integrating the technology used for marketing, web, and commerce, marketers often struggle to deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences across channels. For example, email messages generated from a commerce site or website might differ than a display ad being delivered across paid media. To further complicate digital marketing programs, many marketing teams operate in silos and work with external agencies on a daily basis, which makes it difficult for assets and content to be easily shared, and leads to inconsistent customer experiences.

The integrations between Oracle Marketing Cloud and Oracle Commerce and Oracle WebCenter Sites enable marketers to bridge messaging and profile information between their marketing, web, and commerce experiences. Marketers can create consistent customer profiles that scale and deliver a truly cohesive, personalized experience across channels. By unifying the relationship between platforms, people and processes that power the customer experience, the integration enables marketers to create consistent messaging and branding. As a result, marketers are able to meet the increasing demands of both the boardroom and the customer by enhancing the customer experience, while simultaneously driving higher conversion rates, average order values, revenue, and margins.

“Disparate marketing systems and organizational silos make it very difficult for marketers to orchestrate engaging and personalized customer experiences across channels,” said John Stetic, group vice president, Product Development, Oracle Marketing Cloud. “Oracle is uniquely positioned to address this challenge by combining leading marketing, web experience management, and commerce solutions. These integrations not only help marketers increase efficiencies, but also drive revenue and enhance the customer experience.”

The integrations between Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Cross-Channel Marketing Solution and Oracle Commerce and Oracle WebCenter Sites further expand one of the industry’s most comprehensive marketing technology ecosystems. The Oracle marketing ecosystem includes more than 200 best-of-breed apps for marketers to connect Oracle Marketing Cloud to other marketing systems through the Oracle Marketing AppCloud, as well as more than 300 data integrations through the Oracle Data Management Platform Partner Program. In addition, it allows organizations to seamlessly integrate with other existing Oracle Customer Experience Cloud (Oracle CX Cloud) applications such as Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, as well as other third-party CRM and customer database systems.