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Oracle Learning Cloud Unveiled At Oracle HCM World

Monday, 06 April 2015, 07:19 Hrs

Digital disruption is impacting all aspects of the workforce. Today, employees expect the same capabilities at work that they get in the consumer world. Unveiled recently at Oracle HCM World in Washington, DC, Oracle has introduced Oracle Learning Cloud to help shift the corporate learning paradigm to one that enables employees at all levels to learn contextually and socially regardless of their location.

Creating a new standard in enterprise learning, the new Oracle Learning Cloud reflects changing user preferences as digital natives join the workforce. Designed for the way people learn today, the next generation learning solution goes beyond traditional learning management systems to provide today’s digital workforce with better access to content, within context, shared by subject experts, and backed by the power of the Oracle Cloud.

“To adapt and succeed in today’s digital workforce, HR and business leaders must simplify the employee experience and enable connections anywhere and via any device, personalize information and communicate it in a way that is relevant for their job, and create a culture where employees want to share their knowledge and encourage them to engage with each other in new and creative ways,” said Chris Leone, senior vice president, Oracle HCM Development. “The new Oracle Learning Cloud helps companies provide employees with a consumer-like experience to help retain and develop the talent they need to be successful.”

Traditional learning management systems have historically been prescriptive, often delivering information in silos, without integration to core HR, talent management, and social platforms. To help develop today’s digital workforce and create the leaders of tomorrow, the new Oracle Learning Cloud, part of Oracle HCM Cloud enables HR and business leaders to offer curated and referral-based learning. With Oracle Learning Cloud, HR and business leaders can source content from both internal and external sources, including YouTube and Massive Open Online Courses (MooCs). Understanding that user-generated content and crowd-sourced information is king in the consumer world, Oracle designed its Oracle Learning Cloud to be social, contextual, intelligent, scalable and secure.

Social: It enables employees to capture, share and collaborate around best practices using rich media. It allows subject matter experts to build their own reputation by empowering them to create, assemble, and publish high quality content, and encourages social recommendations and discovery.

Contextual: It allows organizations to provide real time, in-line learning to their employees.

Intelligent: It has a recommendation engine that delivers personalized learning recommendations based on more than 100 person, job, and enterprise attributes.

Scalable and Secure: With Oracle Cloud, it has the technical infrastructure needed to support transcoding and bit-rate adaptive stream (like YouTube and Netflix) so that employees can publish and consume from any modern device, from any network, such as 3G, 4G, or Wi-fi.

With the Oracle Cloud as its foundation, the new Oracle Learning Cloud also provides all of the compliance and administration features of traditional learning management systems.