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PTC Announces Mathcad Gateway Solution For Universal Access To Engineering Calculations

Friday, 22 January 2016, 11:35 Hrs

PTC (Nasdaq: PTC) recently announced the release of PTC Mathcad® Gateway solution. With one million licenses sold of PTC Mathcad engineering software, PTC Mathcad Gateway combines the power of PTC Mathcad with the ability to access calculations anywhere, anytime from a wide variety of devices. The solution offers a server that enables universal access to those who work with engineering calculations while still protecting corporate intellectual property.

Engineering companies that have adopted standardized calculation best practices often want to distribute certified calculations to every user who needs the information but without exposing sensitive and valuable intellectual property (IP). The PTC Mathcad Gateway solution was developed to be platform independent, giving users the ability to calculate results while restricting access to the methodologies and algorithms used to content administrators. 

“We are very pleased to launch PTC Mathcad Gateway,” said Brent Edmonds, senior director, PTC Mathcad. “This release delivers a solution that allows companies to share vital engineering calculations and design intent across the business but with greater confidence that valuable IP is protected and used consistently. With PTC Mathcad Gateway we give users the ability to access calculations anywhere, anytime from a wide variety of devices using a secure math server that offers a universal, single point of access.”

Key features of PTC Mathcad Gateway include:

·         IP Protection. Enable users to leverage the power of engineering calculations without unauthorized access or distribution.

·         Universal Access. Give teams the opportunity to have a full authorization to run a certified calculation scenario on a wide variety of devices.

·         Certified Calculation Hub. Enable teams to standardize approved calculations across and beyond an organization.

“PTC Mathcad Gateway will allow us to share important steps in our design best practice with customers, without exposing our critical calculation information. The ability to access these calculations via a browser will help our customers choose the right product based upon their specific requirements,” said Garry Morgan, structural engineer, Kingspan Limited.

“The PTC Mathcad engineering math software has long served engineers as a powerful calculation tool tailored to their specific needs,” said Bruce Jenkins, president, Ora Research. “PTC Mathcad Gateway offers engineering organizations a straightforward yet secure way to standardize engineering calculations, enabling them to enforce best practices and share certified corporate IP across workgroups, departments and enterprises. Add to this the ability to allow universal access to Mathcad calculations from a wide variety of devices, and the value of this solution becomes apparent.”


PTC Mathcad Gateway is now available for purchase. Contact a PTC Mathcad Expert today.

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