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Role Of Coupon Codes In The Uprising Of E-Commerce Industry

Thursday, 14 March 2019, 11:02 Hrs

Role of Coupon Codes in the Uprising of E-  Commerce Industry

In today's world, almost everything is just a few clicks away from you due to the popularity of e-commerce. Although if we have to pick one category which benefited the most from the growth of the e-commerce industry, online shopping comes in our mind without a second thought.

In just a few years of the idea of selling daily need stuff such as t-shirts, shirts, tops etc. become successful all around the world. Several E-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart were launched and they are still making huge profits today.

No matter how much successful a particular sector is there is always room for improvisation. As after the initial few years of the E-commerce industry, E-commerce giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal introduced yet another brilliant idea, which was the introduction of coupon codes. Or in simpler terms, we can say discount deals.

We always tend to have an urge to buy a product which has the sale tag on it, isn't it true? Especially if you have grown up in India we always prefer the item with a huge 50-60% on the item rather than going for the expensive choice. And, there is nothing wrong in that, who doesn't want to save a few bucks on an item if they can?

So, now a question might pop-up in your that what exactly a coupon code is and what are the benefits of it?

Basically, a discount coupon or promo codes are the vouchers which can be used to avail discounts on products on a specific E-commerce website. Different coupons provide different discount deals on the products. That being said if one coupon avails you a 10% discount on an item another coupon may get you a 30% off on the item.

While some coupons help you in availing some discount on the item (as mentioned above) there are coupons which can avail you exciting presents or even free shipping.

Although in today's world almost everyone knows about the promo codes and they are a pretty common thing. Earlier when this idea was relatively unheard of, websites such as Amazon and Flipkart were some of the few websites which were providing discounted goods via providing best Flipkart Coupon Code.

The gamble they took definitely paid off as Amazon and Flipkart are two of the biggest giants in the E-commerce sector. And, as a result of that, they are making a huge revenue every year.

The reason for the huge revenues of these websites is that they provide a certain item on a lesser selling price thus increasing the popularity of the item and selling more number of that item than their competitors.

Suppose an item's manufacturing cost is Rs. 100 and the seller is selling it for a price of Rs 200. When the customer will apply the promo code of 30% on the selling price of the item, he/she will get the item for Rs.140.

Although as a customer we get the item at a much lesser price but the seller is still making Rs 60 profit and as there is a promo code on the item he has the chances to sell a lot more units of that item. Thus, making more revenue plus the seller will be getting a lot more free promotion as the customer will tell his friends and relatives about the items.

If a certain website say Amazon runs provide that type of promo codes on their 70% of the items. They will definitely be making a lot more revenue than they would have made on the original price of the item.

Initially, discount coupons were available in printed forms such as Magazines and newspaper. But today these coupons are easily available online from a website like IndiaShoppers. They provide you coupons for different categories such as Lifestyle, food, and traveling.

If you wish to find a coupon code in the lifestyle category the IndiaShoppers is the right place for you as they provide various types of coupon codes on products lifestyle category. Also, they provide you Clothing Offers which are applicable to the products of Big stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong etc and provide in terms of Coupon codes.

To find your required coupon code or promo code on the IndiaShoppers just follow 5 simple steps given down below:

1. First search indiashoppers.in on your search engine which will lead you to the website.
2. Create a free account on the website or log in to your account if you already have an account.
3. Search your desired product in a specific category such as Lifestyle and choose your specific product. One of the best features of this website is that they let you compare the deals that you are getting on the same product from different stores.
4. After finalizing the product you can now head over to their payment portal and can complete the purchase.
5. Once you have completed the purchase of the product you will now receive the cashback in your account.