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SchoolTime Moves Out Of Beta To Release Its Commercial Version

Monday, 18 May 2015, 13:19 Hrs

Hyderabad, India 15th May 2015 – With more than 200 schools actively participating in the Beta program, the commercial release of SchoolTime was much anticipated. With the commercial release comes not only a stable and secure environment, but lots of new feature as well.

The 200 schools that participated in the Beta program literally provided the hands on actual domain and process improvement suggestions, which were very honestly delivered by the SchoolTime Team. The final result and objective of the school management software is to create a utopia, where any school across the world can just sign up and start using the ERP system within 30 seconds flat. The solution comes in more than 23 supported languages and more interestingly, a unique feature allows every school to create its own language translations without a single line of coding. So if you don’t like a phrase, just edit it for your own system.

More than 5000 schools have already demanded for an integrated online payment gateway, hence the Financial Module has been designed like a convenient e-commerce engine, with flexibility in creating fees, fee structures, configure taxes, generating invoice – all in single click of a button. The engine comes integrated with more than 60 of the world’s most popular payment gateways. Schools have complete freedom to choose which gateway to activate, and within no time, start providing the convenience of online fee payments to students and parents.

A huge and impressive 3rd party integration roadmap has been planned which definitely demonstrates the maturity of the SchoolTime team and product. The integrations are from various utility tools that will create a seamless experience for the schools to operate 360 degrees of their operations and management, which include areas of Unified Communications, Learning Management Systems, Bulk SMS providers, Customer Service, and others. A public API release is also in the offering for this year which will allow many more apps to integrate and provide a larger value to schools and educational insitutions.

About SchoolTime

SchoolTime is developed and marketed by STPL Global, a pioneer in software development across 3 continents globally. SchoolTime, a disruptive School Management System, has been built with the purpose of creating a software product that is literally installation free, implementation free, and maintenance free. The emphasis is given in its innovative design that will not require any additional end user training.