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StoreHippounveils Software Licensing Model For E-Commerce Industry

Thursday, 14 April 2016, 06:13 Hrs

To augment the E-commerce ecosystem with its advanced technological brilliance and turnkey solutions, StoreHippo, a leading Mobile E-commerce platform for creating and launching Mobile-ready online stores, has recently introduced a unique software licensing model for bigger players in the E-commerce industry. The first-of-its-kind licensing model enables large corporates in the digital arena to obtain a perpetual license from StoreHippo for creating their online stores and customize changes in their Online Stores, Mobile Sites & Mobile Apps depending upon their requirement.

The model exclusively designed for big e-commerce players will empower them to get advantage of the platform, which is highly scalable, flexible and customizable. StoreHippo charges an initial fee and a royalty from the organizations for sharing the software’s license. 

While introducing the licensing model, Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Founder & CEO of StoreHippo said, “We are pleased to launch this prolific Software Licensing Model. It will assist bigger players to get the advantage of a pre-built and highly advanced platform like StoreHippo, equipped with latest technology and multiple features to launch Online Stores, Mobile Sites and Mobile Apps.”

“This unique model will enable the e-commerce players to enter the market and get live instantly; thereby saving time as well as the cost on building up a technological platform.” he added.