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The Need For Hiring Full-Stack Developers For Developing MVP

Friday, 31 January 2020, 10:09 Hrs

Without implementation, brilliant and innovative ideas are of no use. Implementation problems are faced by startups. They find it hugely problematic to turn an idea into a product due to financial problems. Not limited to startups, even small-scale business companies face it.

Only to the intervention of technology this problem has got answers. It is in the form of MVP development. Entrepreneurs are now having the option to go for MVP in order to validate their ideas.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the technique or building block of a new product, website and applications having the required number of features in a customer-friendly manner.

Players having creative ideas usually fall prey to difficult circumstances. MVP is now there to show the way and advise them whether to go or not with the implementation of the idea.

How MVP Works?

Suppose a startup is having on-demand services. Now, you being an entrepreneur have an idea of providing a needful yet unique service via mobile/computer application. What would you do? You would first develop a simple application for early-stage customers and acquire their valuable feedbacks. This is the MVP building stage. Depending on the feedbacks, you will step further to build the application with effective features and if required you will hire dedicated developers.

Know About Full Stack Developers

You would need a full stack developer to build the application. A full-stack developer is the one who is responsible for developing the front end as well as the back end of a mobile or computer application. Just like the football legend Roberto Carlos who had capabilities of scoring stunning goals, artistic dribbling and defending, you will have to find a developer having expertise on everything. A developer with expertise and ability to take care of the product on its own.

Full-stack developers or T-shaped professionals what they are known at present (because of their developing knowledge in more than one domain and meticulous knowledge on other domains) have in-depth knowledge of languages. They are proficient in applying those in various situations.

From taking responsibility of frontend and backend technologies of any project, full-stack developers are masters of giving an MVP for your idea. Full-stack developers are perfect fit for startups having financial boundaries.

Need For A Full Stack Developer

Before going for an MVP for mobile application, you would need to take along various developers and a top-notch quality assurance engineer with you. A UX designer, a frontend developer, a backend developer and a quality analyst is the foremost members of the development team. A project manager supervising them is also needed. The cost will increase and you would need to balance between the differences of views of the team members. Remember, communication problems create a barrier to project development.

This is why full-stack developers can resolve any problem in the easiest ways. Full-stack developers work with the team and handle the entire project development right from the beginning. You will get an operating MVP on time with no extra cost.

What Is Full Stack Development?

Full-stack development is the process of creating an application from scratch. For example, a web development company helps in making an MVP with the help of a full stack developer.

To make the front end of the application presentable, developers create User Interface (UI). Full-stack developers with HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills start the UI process and later on use advanced JavaScript frameworks including Angular.js, React.js, and Vue.js. UI makes MVP presentable.

For the backend part of the application, full-stack developers use server-side programming languages to write business logic. They use a server-side language to build the backend of the application.
Full-stack developers have knowledge of the latest backend languages and frameworks like Node,js, Python with Django and JAVA with MVC.

The backend of the application has another part called database. A good full stack developer has skills in relational and non-relational databases. This is required to manage data for business purposes. Relational database languages like MySQL or PostgreSQL use tables to store data while MongoDB store data in JSON format.

To hire the right full stack developer, you need to measure a developer’s skills on HTTP, REST, algorithms, Javascript Framework, data structures and Git.

Reasons To Hire A Full Stack Developer

  • Saves Cost
  • Easy update of application/software
  • Service on both Frontend and Backend of the application
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Staying ahead in the competition

Even for developing MVP there is cost which is reduced by full-stack developers.