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The New Age Indian Entrepreneurs Who Placed India On The Global Business Map

Thursday, 23 April 2020, 12:40 Hrs

AI And CRM Combination Can Enhance Customer SatisfactionThe Usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing at a booming rate. For instance, Chatbot software implementation is happening to enhance the customer experience as claimed by 80 percent of the sales and marketing professionals (an Oracle study). Amidst the applications of AI, Juniper predicts that the Chatbot application will be responsible for saving more than $8 billion yearly by 2022. Citing the effectiveness of AI, the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, Satya Nadella in an interview taken years ago had said, “I definitely fall into the camp of thinking of AI as augmenting human capability and capacity.” 

Customer Relationship Management – termed as CRM in the business world uses AI and Machine Learning technologies to make CRM solutions driven by intelligent sales strategies, lead generation, marketing campaigns, and minimizing the cost of support calls.

Using AI, businesses are able to track down the customers’ needs for products made with the latest features and technologies. Since AI empowers businesses to have complete indulgence on customers’ buying patterns, it can deliver services according to those. Therefore, the implementation of AI in CRM (CRM being the arrangement of customer information in a database for an organization) makes it hassle-free for businesses to deliver a comprehensive solution to meet customers' needs.

Combination of AI and CRM for Exuberant Customer Satisfaction

  • Strategies in Sales – As automation allows entry of data and analysis of data in an intelligent manner, businesses make accurate profiles of potential customers that are predicted by their products. This removes the need for unnecessary advertising and unwanted approach and thus businesses can maintain a positive branding campaign and increase the leads daily. Further, AI allows analyzing customer emotions for leveling up their involvement in the process.
  • Application Development – Integration of AI and CRM gives Developers the freedom to develop applications that are relevant and have a user-friendly interface. Analyzing the data, developers create such applications for effective customer conversations and solve their problems.
  • Marketing – AI helps in determining the emails that have better performance. Marketing in various social media platforms enables businesses to get the idea of how customers perceive the products and services. Also, by implementing AI in CRM, businesses foretell the success of marketing strategies and campaigns, find more effective marketing campaigns. They can give a quick response when leads are generated via a website or social media.
  • Managing Data – Collection of customer data gets automated when AI is integrated with CRM. Data collection from onboarding touchpoints such as WhatsApp, social media platforms, exhibitions, a wearable that has no human intervention is possible using AI permitted CRM.
  • Automation of Daily Tasks – By AI managed CRM, businesses can automate everyday tasks that are more time consuming for the marketing and sales teams. Everyday tasks like data entry or preparation of call lists can be automated. AI has got the aptitude to analyze customer choices and their behaving pattern. This expands the bandwidth of personalized customer solutions and hence the productivity of the sales and marketing teams.
  • Multiple Tasks – Multitasking becomes easy with AI-supported CRM. Customer care services through different mediums like phone calls, messages, emails, etc., when done by AI channeled platforms can differentiate between the customer requirements, solve problems, and connect customers trying to interact with live agents.

AI assisted CRM is considered as a powerful tool that makes sales, marketing, and customer service efficient and improves quality. Clients have different habits and buying choices, resulting into the requirement for a variety of marketing strategies that are supported by AI aided CRM. Work pressure gets reduced and the productivity boosts up in businesses.