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Trend Micro Redefines Endpoint Security With Trend Micro Apex One

Thursday, 29 November 2018, 04:11 Hrs

Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today launched the evolution of its advanced endpoint security offering. Now re-branded as Trend Micro Apex One, the product redefines endpoint security with the sheer breadth of capabilities delivered as a single agent, with consistency across SaaS and on-premises deployments. This simplified offering enhances automated detection and response and provides actionable insights that maximize security for customers and offers growth opportunities for the channel.

Over extended IT security teams are increasingly overwhelmed by the number of products required to fully protect their endpoints. Combined with an increasing number of alerts and siloed log information, there is a struggle to respond quickly enough to today’s advanced threats.

“Our latest release has advancements that address the most pressing endpoint security issues being faced in the industry today,” said Kevin Simzer, chief operating officer for Trend Micro. “Despite the claims of some so-called ‘next-gen’ vendors, effective protection requires multiple layers of security, which is foundational to our strategy. Apex One is a fantastic choice for businesses seeking to displace traditional AV or struggling next-gen deployments.”

“In India, we are seeing tremendous demand arising from two areas in endpoint security. First, customers are increasingly seeking out investigative capabilities in security solutions. They not only want to detect the threats, but also understand how the threats travel across the network. Second, they often have multiple endpoint security solutions that are not integrated with each other, lengthening the time needed to detect and respond to threats. Apex One goes straight to the heart of the matter by helping our customers tackle these two challenges”, said Dhanya Thakkar, vice president, AMEA, Trend Micro. “On top of that, Apex One also comes with a virtual patching feature that instantly patches the known or unknown vulnerabilities in an IT environment, even before an official patch is available.”

Trend Micro Apex One delivers three key highlights:

1. Automated Detection & Response:

Apex One is built upon the XGen security techniques, which is a cross-generational blend of threat defense functionality that intelligently applies the right technology at the right time. The product includes the industry’s most timely virtual patching capabilities powered by Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative, along with a range of modern technologies to detect and block advanced attacks, including fileless threats.

2. Actionable Insights:

Apex One introduces significantly expanded endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities. Additionally, it connects to Trend Micro’s managed detection and response (MDR) service option that boosts in-house teams with threat hunting and alert monitoring.

3. All-in-one:

Apex One offers an industry-leading breadth of capabilities from a single agent, while many vendors are still only shipping two or more. In particular, Apex One™ powerful EDR with the automated detection & response tools, simplifying deployment and eliminating silos.

Together, these key highlights of Trend Micro Apex One provide a major growth opportunity for channel partners looking to offer a higher-value product that meets the security needs of enterprises.

The product’s single agent form factor, available in November 2018, eases deployment while addressing today’s demanding protection and compliance requirements. Apex One furthers Trend Micro’s existing OfficeScan product and current OfficeScan customers will receive Apex One as a regular update at no additional cost; certain features such as EDR investigation require additional licensing, depending on current entitlements.