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Trend Micros Allied Threat Defense To Secure Enterprises From Newer Threats

Monday, 23 July 2018, 13:10 Hrs

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, through its Connected Threat Defense, will help offer users an effective way to protect, detect, and respond to newer threats. With its layered approach, it provides improved visibility and control across the organization at the same time. With a 360-degree monitoring of network traffic, Trend Micro’s Connected Threat Defence is powered by  XGen security and currently supported and leveraged by all three Trend Micro solutions - User Protection, Network Defences and Hybrid Cloud Security and supported by their products which include Deep Discovery, Deep Security, Office Scan, Scan Mail Exchange, Control Manager and InterScan Messaging solutions.

The all-encompassing Connected Threat Defence has three stages to it: Protection, Detection and Response. The Protection quadrant proactively protects networks, endpoints, and hybrid cloud environments. The Detection quadrant includes network inspection and custom sandboxing. The Response phase delivers real-time signatures and security updates to the other quadrants to prevent future attacks, identify root cause and speed up remediation. The Central Visibility and Control provides a comprehensive view of the security of networks, endpoints, and hybrid cloud environments, and simplifies threat investigation and day-to-day management tasks.

Mr. Nilesh Jain, Vice President – South East Asia and India, Trend Micro said, “The need for a Connected Threat Defense has emerged because the traditional model is no longer sufficient to defend against today’s attacks and threats. Organizations often use a variety of security products were managing the complexity and volume becomes a daunting task and the threats growing across the network may remain undetected. With multiple security techniques, Trend Micro’s Connected Threat Defence provides scanning and disinfection of any incoming malware. If an attack is detected, targeted intelligence covering malicious files, IP addresses, and C&C communications is shared across products and environments for protection and these objects are blocked automatically when they are encountered next time which is a benefit of Connected Threat Defences.”

Several organizations across India have deployed Trend Micro’s comprehensive Connected Threat Defense offering, allowing them to take advantage of the latest advanced threat protection and a range of cross-generational threat defence techniques that are coordinated and integrated across networks.