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VersAccounts Announces Free QuickBooks Data Migration To ERP

Monday, 30 March 2015, 05:03 Hrs

VersAccounts* Ltd today announced a limited offer FREE Data Migration for rapidly growing companies using QuickBooks Pro, Premium and Enterprise to migrate their data to VersAccounts Cloud ERP.

In today's world "Small" no longer means "Simple" and Fast Growing Small Businesses have all the operational complexities of very large enterprises. VersAccounts is specifically designed to provide Fast Growing Small Businesses an AFFORDABLE Mobile Cloud ERP solution to help streamline business operations across multiple companies, geographies and locations. 

Many small companies started out with QuickBooks desktop and now find that as their business grows they need to add more users, they need deeper functionality for wholesale/distribution, manufacturing, ecommerce and integrations with POS and shipping companies. Also, due to increased data over many years their QuickBooks system is slowing down. But it's not just about more users, increased performance, deeper functionality, and automating processes through integrations with 3rd party suppliers, it's also about getting rid of all the spreadsheets, manual processes and multiple data entry to different systems. VersAccounts is about moving to the Cloud and having access to your ERP anytime, anywhere, on any device.

QuickBooks users need ERP options which are more affordable and yet offer more functionality for fast growing small businesses. VersAccounts offers massive savings against current QuickBooks licensing with No Nonsense pricing starting at $49/user/month including all modules and free support!

"We look forward to welcoming QuickBooks customers to VersAccounts with a limited offer of FREE seamless data migration so customers can be up and running on the VersAccounts Cloud ERP solution in a matter of days. We can do this because of the modern technologies and product development practices we use in creating our products, and because we are not burdened by the legacy practices, burdensome cost-structures, and legacy software products. This allows us to respond faster and more completely to our customers' growing needs," said Sunil Pande, CEO of VersAccounts Ltd.