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Want To Take Adderall And Weed At The Sametime? Read This First.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020, 11:39 Hrs

Want To Take Adderall and Weed At The Sametime? Read This First.Have you ever considered taking Adderall and weed at the same time; and what might happen? Read on to find out what the compounding effects are of taking these drugs simultaneously (referred to as 'weederall' or 'madderall').

So, why do people mix them at the same time?

The first reason is to counter the negative effects of each drug. This is one of the most claimed reasons for mixing weed with Adderall. 'Weederall' users claim that weed plays a big part in countering some of the negative side effects of Adderall. In the same vein, Adderall has a similar role in sharpening the dullness that can come from cannabis.

Users claim that Adderall makes them more alert, intelligent and gives them an increased focus, compared to taking cannabis on its own. They also believe that weed can help them come down from a mammoth Adderall-induced work-rush.

Another reason is that the two drugs are very similar. Both drugs provide users with similar effects and that when taken together, they complement each other; giving a stronger sensation than either would on its own.

The similarity is so strong that there is research being conducted that would lead to cannabis replacing Adderall as a prescription drug for some ailments.

Increased social alertness is another reason why some people like the madderall cocktail. The combination is believed to give the user greater mental awareness. Users state that they have been able to think more freely and deeply about subjects they would normally not be able to understand.

The extent to which this is true may be down to the original cognitive abilities of the user. However, one thing that should be expected regardless of an individual's original mental capabilities, is an increase in mental ability with wiser and smarter interactions.

In a liberal social setting, a user of weederall will potentially flourish given the level of acceptance of any viewpoint. Moreover, this social setting would welcome the use of madderall.

Increased cerebral function is yet another reason that users prefer mixing. Some users claim that weederall gives them control over a larger percentage of their brains. This is said to be good for the promotion of the brain's data and information processing power.

The cannabis part of the cocktail facilitates a deeper level of processing; one that is more creative. This counters one of them, what is perceived by many to be, biggest drawbacks of Adderall; it’s dampening of creativity.

Taking madderall induces a feeling of euphoria in users and this is another reason. It is only anecdotal evidence that exists on this, though, as no research has been conducted into the subject. It does seem plausible, however, that the stimulation of Adderall combined with relaxation effects of weed; could induce a euphoric sensation.

Increased tolerance to cannabis is cited as another reason for simultaneously consuming them. Users of madderall have a much higher tolerance for cannabis compared to non-users.

Very often, people will combine them because they lack any information to make an informed decision otherwise, and are merely following the crowd. The lack of information, though, conceals the potential dangers faced by users of an Adderall and weed cocktail.

What Are The Compounding Effects of Mixing?

Increased stimulation is certainly one of the recognized compounding effects of mixing these components. Evidence of this effect is an increase in heart rate but, whilst the intensity of this experience may be thrilling to some, to others it can cause a problem. This is particularly the case for people with heart conditions.

The feeling of heightened euphoria is caused by an increase in the levels of dopamine, which is a chemical in the brain that is responsible for giving you a sense of pleasure. This is an effect of both components, so combining the two will compound the dopamine effects.

These guys compliment each other. When used separately, the dopamine in Adderall does not last long. However, combining these components, the rate at which the dopamine is depleted is reduced; so the effects last much longer.

Whatever future research may reveal about the dangers or benefits of taking, it is clear that many people enjoy this cocktail.