Bluetooth Is Here To Stay, Wires Need To Go Away!

by Moninder Jain Managing Director-ASEAN & India Region and Vice President, Logitech

Founded in 1981, Logitech is a world leader in products spanning multiple computing, communication and entertainment platforms.

Brands must envisage what consumers will want ten years down the line. This is a philosophy that all companies need to follow if they want to be seen as innovators, as brands that do things differently. It’s all about looking at the little nuances and issues that can possibly be aided with use of simple technologies. Take for example Bluetooth.

Bluetooth lets you play with your imagination because when you think of what could be the practical use of Bluetooth? Well, it´s very much up to our fancy.

But the ambition is set high, indeed; practically all computerized equipments normally found in a modern office (and home) which do not use a synchronous communications protocol could be adapted for use with Bluetooth.

It could be anything from: Phones and pagers, Modems, LAN access devices, Headsets, Notebook computers, Tablets, mouse and Keyboards that would use Bluetooth and in-fact increasing your productivity while you are at work or at home.

Virtually any digital device can be part of the Bluetooth system. Bluetooth radio technology can also provide a universal bridge to existing data networks, a peripheral interface, and a mechanism to form small ad hoc groupings of connected devices, away from fixed network infrastructures. The dynamic connectivity-nature of Bluetooth makes it possible for this system to replace USB, and it is an improvement on Plug-and-Play-systems, where the operating system has to be rebooted for the installation to take effect. We haven’t really ever charted the list of wonders that Bluetooth can do for you, but here’s a small list of what you could do:

A Bluetooth-mouse could be used at a further distance from a monitor, and while moving about in the room.A Bluetooth-keyboard on the other hand could be used further away from the monitor. This hence, would reduce eye-strain for persons who are long-sighted.Increasing the distance would also reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation from the monitor.

A Bluetooth-keyboard could also be used to address more than one screen, in a dynamic, switchless manner. Imagine, being able to type across three screens at the same time without having to change your typing device- wouldn’t that be an absolute delight?!

As a travelling businessman I have always found carrying laptops painful- they are heavy and very uncomfortable to carry while on a journey. However, Bluetooth changes the game. Bluetooth enabled folios which have embedded keyboardscould convert your tablet in to a laptop, the ease then grows multi-fold.

Then there is a chance of removing redundancy. Bluetooth receivers are nothing but a step-ahead of re-innovation. They could convert any ordinary wired speaker into a Bluetooth enabled speaker hence enabling the consumer with a better connected lifestyle. I strongly believe that Bluetooth Is this one technology which has possibilities that are endless and that will let drive us to a better connected world-literally.